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Factors For The Increase Of Prostitution

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WHAT FACTORS MIGHT EXPLAIN THE INCREASING EXPANSION OF THE SEX INDUSTRYThe sex industry refers to all of those legal and illegal adult businesses (prostitution) that sell sexual products, sexual services and sexual contact for profit in the commercial marketplace (Hausbeck, 2004). The sex industry is on the rise as the aspect of sex in modern society is an on going act that can be used for profit all over the world. With the rise of feminism, the aspect of women selling their bodies for sex can be seen as a occupation, where women are working and making a living wage. Also, with a high demand for sex from men and the glamorisation of prostitution projected in the media, it is not a surprise that the sex industry exists and that there is an expansion.The first factor for the increase of expansion of the sex industry is that there is a demand from men and supply from woman. Men in society want sexual purchases and are willing to supply money for these purchases which in turn, creates a market for profit. It is the men who create the demand and the woman who supply it (Hughes, 2004). It has also been argued that many of these men have sexual partners such as girlfriends or wives, but go out into the world searching for sex to fulfil a different need or to find excitement. For example, Hughes (2004) argues that the men are searching for more sex acts that their wives do not provide and that there is an excitement when hunting for a woman they can buy for a short term. With components such as these, the sex industry will be able to carry on growing as there is always a demand. Furthermore, there is also exploiters in the sex industry that thrive to make money which also expands the business. These include traffickers, pimps and brothel owners.Also, the woman who are involved in prostitution need the finances that the business gives which also contributes to the expansion of the sex industry. McLeod (1982) argues that this occurs because woman's poverty is generated by a labour market that is structured on the notion that men are the breadwinners and the women are dependent on this which results in an exclusion for woman in an effective economic position. Women therefore, may have not be able to provide for themselves so turn to prostitution to make a living. Furthermore, Kesler (2002) argues, prostitution serves men's sexual needs and meets women's economic ones. As woman need finances, they create a supply for the sex industry enabling to exist and expand.Other factors involved is the concept of feminism and the glamorisation of prostitution. On one side of the feminism argument, prostitution is seen to be a negative position and that woman who are involved are suffering from exploitation from men. However, there...

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