Factors Affecting The Course Preference Of Freshmen Female Engineering Students

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The researchers conducted a survey in De La Salle Lipa, which is offering Engineering courses. This process was done in order to have a firsthand data about the factors which affect the preference of the female first year college students taking up BS Electronics and Communication Engineering. The proponents of this research paper prepared survey sheets using an English language since this study is for the communication skills. The answers on the survey questions can be supported by the ideas from the published books, and websites which were discovered by the researchers while having their study about the said topic.
The researchers were tasked to have 25 respondents. The stated number of respondents is equally divided according to the number of engineering courses offered in De La Salle Lipa. The graph below (G1) illustrates the factors which affect the course preference of the first year female students in engineering department.


Generally, the factors that affect the course preference of a female engineering college undergraduates are personal characteristics (Admissions Education, n.d.), career influences (Michigan Tech, 2013) and limitations. The results in the first question are very close to each other. Even though the overall tallies are near to each other, the career influence is dominant among the other choices. This result is similar to the researched study; According to James et. al the field of study preferences, course and institutional reputations, course entry scores, easy access to home and institutional characteristics significantly influenced applicant’s choice of institution (1999). It also has the similarities on Foskett et al.’s (2006) findings that students consider more carefully economic factors in times of distress and financial difficulty. On the other hand, about the limitations, it is also similar to James et. al’s (1999) studies; he has identified a range of factors influencing course preference including the reputation of the course among employers; graduate satisfaction from the course; graduate employment rates from the course; the quality of teaching in the course; approaches to teaching, learning and assessment of the course including opportunities for flexible studies. From the results of the survey which was done by the researchers, it can be concluded that the job availability, salary and opportunities abroad have the big impact in deciding on what career should be pursued.
On that matter, there is a follow-up question, however, it is optional. The question is “What is the specific factor that affects your career choice?”
The foremost choices of the respondents are the job salary and job opportunities abroad having the same number of responses (G2.) When asked to explain how come, most of the respondents said that they are just considering those things for the near future.


According to the results, they are probably considering the happening and way of living in the near future and...

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