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Leisure is considered as time we spend on anything other than sleeping, working (studying for students is consider as working), and eating (White, 1955). Activities that an individual does in his leisure time are not because the necessity of that activity nor the duty of that person, and they for the purpose of making money, however they come from the from the responsibilities that are owed to individual’s family, society, politics, and so on, which are done for free in order to satisfy ones self (Dumazedier, 1967). Leisure activities are done by the individual because of set of group of sociocultural factors, which in my case, I divided them into personal factors, which are factors that ...view middle of the document...

Leisure activities are done by a person in response to needs of his personality which is a way that a person can express her self (Kaplan, 1960) and it depends on in what conditions they are living and how they evaluate their experiences and ideals (Abbott-Chapman & Robertson, 2001). Based on their evaluations, people set goals for themselves, for instance, being healthy is a goal for someone who exercise daily or becoming a professional pool player could be for someone plays pool daily. These goals and desires makes peoples personality, but personality it self is influenced by subculture which are the smaller groups within a larger culture (Kaplan, 1960). Subcultures are same in some ways and different in other. People within a subculture are usually in a same mental, psychological, and social climate (Kaplan, 1960). For instance, Family is one of the subculture that has effects on your choice of leisure. Each family has different norms for it self. In a family, watching movie, playing sports, reading books, and volunteering might be supported, thus children in this family are more like to do these activities as leisure in future. On the other hand in another family, smoking weed, dealing drugs, and stealing is supported, thus children are more likely to do them in future. The accepted norms in the social circle of the individual has the most influences on his choices, which has two extremes of indulging the pleasure at the moment, like using drugs, and other extreme is to free the spirit and live for the other world, but most people are in the middle and live toward a good life (Kaplan, 1960). Watching movies also might influence people personality cause people have the power visualize dreams and movies give them these dream and they enjoy this semi-reality (Dumazedier, 1967), thus they set their goals base on their dreams. Books are also like movies, but after introducing television, there was significant reduction in reading time (Dumazedier, 1967). The genre of the movies and types of the books are also influenced by subculture. For example in family that they watch more action movies, children are more likely to watch action movies and find a career like those in the action movies or the person who watches comedy movies is more likely to have a positive attitude and make other peoples laugh.
The individual’s situation is really important in making choice of leisure, different situations influence differently. Special days are one type of situations (Kaplan, 196). For instance, if its New Year eve, Christmas, Easter, or tanks giving day, that person might choose to spend her time with her family, but if she is in a different city she might spends with her friends (Kaplan, 1960), or if she is emotionally sad, she might spend it alone. If it’s a typical day in winter she might do indoor activities, like watching movies, reading books, or playing games; or she might go to shopping, drinking in a pub, or even skiing. Winter and summer are...

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