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Growing up children get drilled different moral sayings, one of which is “beauty comes from within” but does it really? The answer is no, we are drawn in by physical appearance then later personality comes into play. When intrigued by someone’s appearance so much that it draws one person to another this is attraction. There are certain aspects off a person appearance that make them attractive to multiple people, things like facial symmetry and body size ratios this is their attractiveness. Upon looking at someone we do not know we are analyzing their facial symmetry or the ratio of their head to shoulders because it’s instinct. It’s a variety of different factors that come together to produce what an individual recognize as attractiveness. This paper will include these factors of attractiveness from a psychological stance, three different articles will be examined and brought together to assist in understanding attractiveness.
In the first article “Symmetry and perceived facial attractiveness: A monozygotic co-twin comparison”, the author Linda Mealy suggests that facial symmetry has a big role in attractiveness. She brings attention to the fact that facial attractiveness plays just as great of a role in sex selection as physical attractiveness when looking for potential mates. There are certain facial feature that are deemed “attractive” in each of the sexes that unknowingly influence human sex selection. These are indicators on the face that comes along with puberty and increase with sexual maturity. Indicators like, “high levels of testosterone in the young male lead to growth of the lower face and jaw; both chin length and chin width are important determinants of perceptions of male attractiveness. While high levels of estrogen and lower androgen levels in the pubescent female inhibit chin growth but lead to increased lip size” (Mealy, 1999). The secondary sexual characteristics are in some way advertising the quality of the person health and sexual readiness. Therefore these characteristic are more attractive to the opposite sex by instinct. Also the characteristics show a higher immune system quality, the immune system of a potential mate is important because it determines whether they will produce “genetically poor offspring” or offspring that are more likely to obtain diseases or infections.
Symmetry is known as another sign to whether a mate will produce good offspring or not. When both sides are symmetric this shows that they were encoded by the same genetic instructions. Fluctuating asymmetry (FA), is defined as “random deviations from perfect symmetry that is caused by environmental stresses, developmental instability and genetic problems during development” (Blanckenhorn). FA reflect genetic difference in genotypic and phenotypic superiority. Lower FA quality mean the person is less vulnerable to infections and toxins, whereas higher FA levels are associated with illnesses which include schizophrenia and Down syndrome. The study the...

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