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In today's day and age, social networking sites have taken over the internet. Sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr have linked people together in a way that was never thought possible. However, from all good comes bad, and from social networking sites the act of cyber bullying - bullying and harassing someone through the internet was born. Now, whether or not the websites are the cause of cyber bullying or not has become a rather controversial topic. Abraham Foxman and Cyndi Silverman, both part of the Anti-Defamation League, vehemently feel that these social networking sites spawned cyber bullying. On the other hand, Kate Harding, blogger and author, believes strongly that while they may be involved in cyber bullying, social networking sites are not to blame. While both articles address social networking sites and cyber bullying, they have very distinct differences.
Kate Harding's article Social Networking Sites Cannot Be Blamed For Bullying has a very distinct style to it. Being written by a blogger, Kate naturally put herself into the article, throwing her opinion around all over the place. At first glance, it seems unprofessional, even inappropriate. Meanwhile, Foxman and Silverman's article appears very professional. The authors never use the word "I" in their article, they write as a whole addressing everyone. They use very formal language and a serious manner. This in itself affects the credibility of both articles.
While Harding’s writing style may appear unprofessional, however, once you actually read through the article, her style of writing is actually very appealing. She connects with a reader in a way that makes the article relatable and keeps the reader intrigued. Even though her writing isn’t formal, it still rings true. When addressing the thought that online websites that can be used as a scapegoat for bullying, Harding is outraged, declaring that this “erases the underlying problem, which is kids treating each other like crap (Harding).” She continues to write that “online or off – a bully is a bully” and they will continue to harass their peers, whether it’s online or physical.
Because Harding is extremely opinionated and critical, she fully addresses the opposing side of the argument. Harding repeatedly stresses that social networking is not the CAUSE of cyber bullying – but rather a simple medium for the horrible bullies of the world. So, yes, it does play a role in cyber-bullying, but not to the extent that Foxman and Silverman say it does. All this she does with the intricate use of scenarios, real life instances, and her own opinion, convincing the reader of...

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