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Factors Of Human Trafficking Essay

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The root causes of trafficking are various and often differ from one country to another. Trafficking is a complex, multi-level phenomenon that is often influenced by social, economic, cultural and other factors. Many of these factors are specific to individual trafficking patterns and to the countries in which they occur. There are, however, many factors that tend to be common to trafficking in general or found in a wide range of different regions, patterns or cases. These are the causes that are discussed in this report.
Reasons behind trafficking in persons
I. Inefficient border security
II. Poverty
III. Lack of job opportunities (unemployment)
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Criminal networks are able to provide trafficking victims with false passports and other necessary travel documents such as visas. Evidence also points to instances of corruption among immigration officers in league with trafficking networks and of corrupt embassy personnel providing visas for people being trafficked abroad. Measures are required to curb the falsification, forging and alteration of legal documents. Administrative and security elements are required to protect the process of issuance of legal documents against corruption, theft or other means of diverting documents.

II. Poverty:
Poverty is one of the prime factors leading to human trafficking. Those trapped in poverty are keen to obtain a better life for themselves and their families, and these vulnerable people are preyed on by trafficking networks offering jobs, training, opportunities, remuneration and better life prospects. Poverty leads to both migration and trafficking patterns in which victims move from conditions of extreme poverty to what they consider to be conditions of better living. In that context, the rapid expansion of broadcast and telecommunication media, including the Internet, across the developing world may have increased the desire to migrate to developed countries and, with it, the vulnerability of would-be migrants to traffickers. Some parents sell their children, not just for the money, but also in the hope that their children will escape a situation of chronic poverty and move to a place where they will have a better life and more opportunities. They do so, not knowing the consequences of their actions, and this results in large-scale trafficking of children.
III. Lack of job opportunities(unemployment):
Lack of job opportunities is one of the primary factors leading to human trafficking. A shortage of economic opportunities or too much competition forces many too look to other means of earning a living. Trafficking networks take advantage of these helpless people and lure them into getting trafficked. The growing poverty is making more people vulnerable to both labour and sex trafficking, boosting the supply side of human trafficking all over the world. Moreover, the current global economic crisis is also boosting the demand for human trafficking. UN officials (of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes) said the worldwide rise in human trafficking in the form of modern-day slavery is a result of a growing demand for cheap goods and services. They expect the impact of the crisis to push more business underground to avoid taxes and avail undocumented labour. And they anticipate increasing use of forced, cheap, and child labour by multinational companies strapped by financial struggles. This indicates a massive rise in human trafficking and forced labour.
IV. Non-institutional credit systems:
Non-institutional credit systems provide ways for poor farmers to meet their routine expenses. These credit systems are prevalent in rural regions of...

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