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Factors Of World Hunger Essay

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World hunger is an issue that has been pondered for many years. Why is the most basic human need such a problem for so much of the world’s population? With the considerable resources the modern free world has at its disposal, why does this problem continue to plague mankind across so much of the globe? The root of the problem is not the lack of food available to feed the world’s population. The core of the issue is rooted in complex political and economic policies. This issue is exacerbated by centuries-old cultural rivalries that are not easily addressed or erased. Some are even based in deep religious convictions and differences which can cause almost incomprehensible intolerance among otherwise similar peoples.

The global food supply is actually quite abundant. While it is true that not all population regions have a similar food production capacity, overall the world’s food production capabilities far exceed the current human need. Studies have shown that the vast majority of malnourished children live in countries with food surpluses; 78 percent in fact according to a 1997 study conducted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The problem is not the available food supply being insufficient. It is insufficient access to this food supply by those who need it most that plagues so many. Even as the world’s population continues to soar year after year, the resources remain available to fill the ever increasing need. The connection is with poverty. As the world’s population ever expands, the poverty experienced by so many expands and in fact increases almost exponentially.

Poverty is linked with hunger. That is a global surety. Those with economic means have a consistent and sufficient conduit to the food supply chain. Those mired in poverty are closed out to the majority of the food sources available to the populous of elevated socio-economic stature. In fact, in the direst poverty stricken areas, populations are nearly forced back in time to the roles of hunter-gatherers; excluded from advances in technology that allow the wealthy to live life without the fear of starvation or the worries of providing sustenance to their families day to day. Living life with the ever-existent fear of starving is something most of us will thankfully never have to endure. As we are elevated from this base struggle, we are enabled to focus our lives on much more. So much of the world is not as fortunate.

Many attempts have been made to distribute food excesses to nations and regions experiencing the worst levels of starvation. These humanitarian efforts are most often only effective in the very short term. These “focused band aids” can usually only relieve an immediate day to day crisis but do not sustain a long term recovery or provide an efficient solution to prevent the continued propagation of the base issue. The base issue is money. Lack of money creates poverty. Control of and access to money...

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