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Factors That Cause The Great Schism

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Factors that Cause The Great Schism

Part A


The first major division in Christianity took place in 1054 CE between
the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches. This event is known as the
Great Schism. The two areas of disagreement that caused the division

* Who should be leader of the Christian Church?

* The way in which the Trinity was to be understood.

Christians in the West believed that the Pope should be the leader of
the Christian Church. This was because he was the successor to St
Peter. The Christians in the east did not agree with this. They could
not accept that only one person could have the authority to decide the
church matters.

Landmarks of Christianity

C. 70 CE Council In Jerusalem - After much debate Gentile converts
were recognized as being part of the

325 CE The Council Of Nicaea - The assembled bishops issued a
statement about Christianity belief and the Nicene Creed.

381 CE The First Council Of Constantinople - The Nicene Creed was
reaffirmed and the council spoke also of the Holy Spirit as equal to
the two other persons.

451 CE The Council Of Chalcedon - The Council affirmed that Christ
'perfect in Godhead and perfect in humanity' is made known in two

C. 432 CE St Patrick - St Patrick, a missionary bishop went to Ireland
and established an organized church

C. 540 CE The First Monastery - An Italian Christian called Benedict
formed a community of men who totally dedicated themselves and their
lives to God.

563 CE Columba - A Celtic monk named 'Columba' started a monastery on
the Isle of Iona

787 CE Second Council Of Nicaea - The council fully accepted the use
of icons in the Orthodox worship of God

988 CE Establishment of the church of Russia - Vladmir, Prince of Kiev
was baptized by missionaries.

1054 CE The Great Schism - After much argument between the Pope and
the Patriarch the two centres were torn apart and separated.

1095 CE First Crusade Begins - Christians and Muslims engage in a long
and war. Seen by Christians as a just war.

1187 CE Jerusalem, The Holy City is Captured by the Turks - Turks
capture The Holy City through a bloody war.

1233 CE The Inquisition - Pope Gregory IX set up an inquisition to
search out and destroy people who were regarded as being heretics.

Roman Catholic Church Origin

The Roman Catholic Church is based in Rome and has the Pope as it
head. The pope is the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church
and is responsible for all the rulings and teachings which it issues.
It is believed that the Pope is in a direct line from St Peter who
founded the church in Rome and, therefore, he has the authority of the
apostles of Jesus. The...

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