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Factors That Create Limitations To The Students When Pursuing Life Opportunities

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​Benjamin Franklin once stated, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Offering education advances the minds of the people and gives them the tools to operate and construct today's future. Investing in education is an effective way of achieving this outcome and is practiced by many government. That stated, restrictions arise due to lack of resources based on inequity in our school system. In a modern time where education should be at its best, our education system lacks the benefits of enhancing the minds of the future. Factors like focusing on test scores, budget cuts and inequity within the schools system itself, contribute to these restrictions repressing our future. These factors create limitations to the students when pursuing life opportunities.
​ It may come to thought that the schools are focusing on the actual education when indeed they are focusing on the funds they will receive if the students outperform the standard scores; it is a fear many school districts have due to bad scores can leave schools fund-less and possibly terminated. On a CNN program, "Education in America: Don't Fail Me," it stated, "[American students] don't have the skills to take on the high tech jobs of the future. This is because of how and what we teach American kids" (Joel Shatzky). The main focus for the majority of the schools in our education system is on student’s scores on standardized tests. Education is now based on focusing on the test instead of teaching the correct and necessary curriculum. An abundance of the material taught in our schools is material that will be on the test, leaving out material that is also necessary such as the arts, electives, and many others . This unnecessary focus is a threat and is causing harm to our student’s education.
​This concentration of scores and funds has lead to governors lying about test scores to receive state funds. As the article continues, CNN reveals "almost all of those states that submitted statewide test scores had "lied" about the results to look better in competing for Race To The Top funds (Shatzky).” As stated before, school districts have a fear to become fund-less and possibly end up terminated due to bad scores. Although funds are beneficial to schools, as it provides opportunities to grow, this focus is not superb and has become harmful to our student’s education. Instead of focusing on the education, a focus on funds seems to be more substantial. As this problem creates a concern over the actual education that our student’s receive, an act named "No Child Left Behind" was passed. An act promising that all students will receive an " adequate education."
​ In order to become prepared for the future and earn opportunities to rise to success, the new generation needs to be provided with an adequate education. No Child Left Behind is an act passed by President George W. Bush in his attempt to educate, which according to him, “The too many children across the nation [that]...

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