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Factors That Influence Violence In Children

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In our lives violence is everywhere we look, at the mall, on the streets, in our schools and in the media. Violence, as many people see it, is an act of aggression. Among kids of all ages, violence has been and still is growing. Some of the many reasons why violence affects kids may be due to television, family issues, and video games.Television is a major factor in why kids are violent in today's society. There are a lot of unscreened violent shows on television these days. Even if it's a cartoon or involving real people, gun violence, abuse or fighting are normal scenes in many television programs. If a child watches violence on television he or she may think it is okay to do. This is called modelling behaviour, similar to the phrase "monkey see, monkey do". One type of television show that may portray violence is reality shows. An example of this is The World Wrestling Entertainment. This reality show teaches children that it may be cool to fight. Children view the winning wrestlers receiving attention and getting rewarded for their behaviours. The children then think this idea of fighting with others is cool and they to may be rewarded. Sometimes even the News on television can influence violence in children. Everyday, the News shows that it is a violent world out there and that violent behaviours are a way of protection, coming to an agreement, or even a way of achieving peace.Another reason why violence is affecting children may come from within the household. For example, if a child sees his or her parents arguing or fighting, they will begin to think that violence is a way of solving problems. A child in a violent, aggressive home is probably more likely to be hostile and handle conflicts in violent ways. If siblings are involved in an argument and one gets their way by...

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