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Factors That Leads Teens To Commit Suicide

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Several factors, emotional and physical, can contribute to a teen’s decision to take his or her own life. Adolescent suicide rates have no doubt risen over the past 50 years, but the question is, why? As our world continues to advance decade by decade, modern-day teenagers experience problems that are quite different than those faced by teens from previous generations. One distinct, modern influence of teenage suicide is social media. Naturally, most teenagers today own or have access to a smart phone, computer, or other device that can be used to connect to the internet and view a countless number of social websites. Social media can be entertaining and a fun, fast way to connect with ...view middle of the document...

This kind of media can provoke and even worsen suicidal thoughts in young adults’ minds.
Another element that can play a large role in potential teenage suicide is a child’s home environment. Some parents often put an extreme amount of pressure on their teen regarding his or her school work, athletic abilities, or even body image. In other cases, parents can verbally or physically abuse their child, creating feelings of worthlessness. The growing divorce rate in the United States may also contribute to the increasing teen suicide rate. As of 2012, the average divorce rate in America was approximately fifty percent, meaning that half of all U.S. marriages would legally end in divorce (“Divorce Rate” 1). Divorce can have a tremendous effect on not only one family as a whole, but most harmfully, the children. Lastly, the availability of handguns in the home has much greater consequences than one might imagine. Averaging at forty-five percent, death by the use of a firearm is the most popular suicide method of people between the ages of ten and twenty four (“Suicide Prevention” 1).
Adolescence is the key period of development in which teens are trying to find themselves, resulting in risk-taking and exploration. Teenagers often struggle during this stage because they are not sure of where they fit in society, school, or occasionally their own family. For example, during adolescence, some teens come out as being homosexual. Homosexuality is not wrong; however, sometimes others simply don’t understand or frown upon young people who claim to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Being publicly known as homosexual can bring...

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