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Factors For Success In The Workplace

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Factors for Success in the Workplace

Thesis Sentence

This paper will examine the Base Central Test Facilities ability to meet the Four Critical Success Factors while operating under USAF Downsizing and Force reduction initiatives.


We have all seen the TV commercial from New York Life of the man in the office who has his life turned upside down as a result of being laid-off by a company undergoing Downsizing or Re-structuring. Just like that individual many military workcenters have been turned upside down by Downsizing or Force reductions. No matter what you call it, Downsizing, Re-structuring, Rightsizing, Lay-offs, or Re-organizing someone losses a job and someone else has to pickup the slack. What can we at the workcenter level do about it?


Most if not all workcenters in the Military have had their budgets cut with, a “24% real decline since 1990” (NPR, 1993, part 2 p. 12). This has caused the Air Force to look for more cost-effective ways of doing business. Outsourcing of non-core functions (functions not in direct combat or direct support of combat units) is one such way. “DoD (Department of Defense) has identified 50 broad area candidates for Outsourcing, such as Base Operations, Housing, Health service, Training, Transportation” (NPR, 1993, part 2, p. 18) to list just a few. Those workcenters in non-core areas must work to provide a desirable service or risk being eliminated in favor of a more competitive business. This paper will examine the Base Central Test Facilities ability to meet the Four Critical Success Factors while operating under USAF Downsizing and Force reduction initiatives. First of all what are these critical factors and what is the Base Central Test Facility or BCTFs purpose? The BCTFs mission is to act as the interface between the Base, Defense Information System Agency (DISA) and commercial communications companies like AT&T Alascom. We are also responsible for installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of all base data circuits, both on and off-base (DISA 310-70-1, 1992). As to the four factors, well lets discuss them.


Customer Desires:

In the past most customers were content to use what we provided to them with little input or feedback. We had what amounted to a monopoly in providing data communications services, as a result we were sometimes not very flexible or responsive. At the local level we often based equipment purchases and installation times on our desires and not those of the customer. This was due in large part to the way communication services were paid. Until its deactivation the Air Force Communications Command (AFCC) paid the bill for all base-level communications, both phone and data. Payments are now paid directly by the customer by way of such policies as Fee-for-Service. This has caused our customers to re-evaluate their needs and to demand better service from us while keeping their costs down.


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