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Factors To Be Considered In Selecting Textbooks And Community Resources For The Teaching Of Computer Science

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Textbook selectors should thoroughly examine the Computer Science curriculum before they select a textbook. If the curriculum and its objectives are clear and well defined, it will be obvious when a textbook's content is in line with the curriculum and when the objectives of both the textbook and the Computer Science curriculum are in parallel.When teaching Computer Science it is very important to select the correct textbook as well as to select the right community resource. While it may be difficult and overwhelming to select the right textbook, there are factors that will guide a teacher in selecting the appropriate textbook. Five factors in selecting textbooks are appropriateness, ...view middle of the document...

The text should be physically clear. This means that the font type, font colour, font size and the background of the textbook should permit the reader to read the text exclusively of any intricacies. Pictures, tables and graphs should be clearly printed. Graphical illustrations should be relevant to the content, and located near the points of reference. Labelling these pictures, tables, and graph are crucial to comprehension. As it relates to vocabulary, texts with unnecessarily complex vocabularies should be avoided where possible. If a text has infrequent complex words, the speed at which the students read and comprehend will be slower. The ease of understanding what is read is also affected by syntax, or sentence structure and the way in which the content is organized. The text should begin with what the student know or should know, and then gradually progress to unknown concepts.Availability and cost are two factors to be considered when selecting a textbook that are sometimes overlooked. Even if a textbook is perfect in line with the Computer Science syllabus, if it is not available for all the students that will be using the text, and if it is not affordable for the average student, it should not be selected.Some of the things that affect the credibility of a textbook include author educational level, date of publication and the reputation of the textbook. The education of an author can be used to assess whether a textbook is creditable. For example, an author with a Doctorate degree will be accredited more that an author with a Bachelor degree. In sciences such as Computer, technology and information is changing very rapidly. Things that could not be done one or two years ago can now be done today. It is important to keep up with the change in technology. Other wise a textbook may contain information that was true back when it was written, but is incorrect now.If a textbook has been on the market for a long time, and it has been used successfully by schools, then it should be among the list of text to be evaluated. In addition, if a reputable teacher recommends the text, it should also be considered.When using community resources, it is...

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