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Factors Which Influence The Rates Of Reactions

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Factors Which Influence the Rates of Reactions pages 1-10

To examine the factors which cause the rate of chemical reactions to change.

The question that was proposed for investigation was: Do all factors change the rate equally?

Background Discussion
For this experiment you have to have a basic understanding of Collision Theory to understand what’s going on in the experiment. Collision Theory is a model of chemical reactions in which a reaction occurs after a collision containing enough energy occurs between two reactant molecules. This model has five factors which can ...view middle of the document...

The zinc in the phosphoric acid reacted next with some bubbles and finally the zinc in the acetic acid reacted last with some bubbles.
In the final part of phase one which was steps 9-11, five different metals were placed in Hydrochloric acid. The five metals were copper, magnesium, lead, iron and zinc. Magnesium was the first to react and it created bubbles before it completely dissolved in the acid. Zinc was extremely reactive and produced a lot of bubbles. Iron started reacting after zinc and created some bubbles. Then slowly lead had produced a few bubbles and copper didn’t make any (Lab Guide pg.2).
Next in phase two of the experiment which was titled Concentration and that was steps 12-14. In this phase 3 wells were filled with different concentrations of 6m HCL. The first well contained 60 drops of water and 20 drops of acid. The second one contained 40 drops of water and 40 drops of acid and the final well contained 80 drops of acid. After each of the wells were stirred a piece of clean zinc was placed into each of them. Well three almost immediately produced smoke with a lot of bubbles. Well 2 reacted soon after with a lot of bubbles and lastly Well 1 reacted creating some bubbles (Lab Guide pg.3).
Then in phase three which was titled Temperature and that was steps 15-18, clean zinc was placed in three different test tubes containing 5ml of 6M HCL, each of which was a different temperature. Test tube one was placed in boiling water, Test tube 2 was at room temperature and test tube three was placed in an ice bath. When the zinc was placed in test tube 1 it reacted quickly and formed bubbles and created smoke. Once the zinc was placed in test tube 2 it created large bubbles that were extremely active and in test tube 3 small bubbles that were fairly active formed (Lab Guide pg.3).
Afterward in phase four which was titled Surface Area which was steps 19-22, two test tubes had 5ml of 6M HCL added to each and then one had a piece of clean zinc placed in it and the other had 0.25g of powered zinc added to it. The test tube containing the powered zinc had formed a lot of small bubbles and it reacted faster than the test tube with the piece of zinc in it. The test tube with the piece of zinc had...

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