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Facts About Alzheimer´S Disease Essay

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Alzheimer’s disease long known for the toxin clumps and tangles that build up in the brain may also be caused by the failure of a natural system that protects brain cells (Johnson, 2014). Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth overall primary cause of death in the world, troubling more than five million people in United States and also one of the most frequent forms of disorder found in our generation today, affecting daily functions of an individual’s life.
The Boston Globe recently published an article called Protein may guard against Alzheimer’s disease, by Carolyn Y. Johnson (2014). A new study indicates that a protein called REST can help the brain from neurodegeneration. REST increases in ...view middle of the document...

A degree of ACH activity is essential in visual evidence processing advanced functions, memory learning and other cerebral processes. “Drugs can mimic or increase the effects of a neurotransmitter, or they can block those effects” (King, 2012) Cholinergic agonists and antagonists have been used as experiment situations in examining the role of Ach in visual processing. The brain ACH systems rely on understanding and physical input in early development. According to Yankner, in the 1990s described how the plaque deposits that form in the Alzheimer’s patients are toxic (2014). The individuals who develop Alzheimer disease regularly experience a widespread variety and mix of emotions, they are commonly confused, irritated, annoyed and frightened also may feel blue from time to time. The victims feel this way because they lose their societal connections, and it interferes with their everyday lives.
Most scientists rely on brain imaging to see the clear details of the brain, and its functions. Brain imaging makes it easier for medical practitioners to view the toxic, dying cells, and newly found proteins. These machines give us knowledge about neurotransmitters and different brain cells. The REST protein was founded using brain imaging but needs to be researched a bit more. “Outside scientists said that the study was important and meticulously done, but warned that it is basic research and will need to be repeated” (Johnson, 2014). The protein is a way into solving the Alzheimer’s disease. The protein was at its peak when interfered with lithium. “Lithium appears to increase REST production” (Johnson, 2014) “no one should take lithium to prevent memory loss, but said that the drug might serve as a prototype in the development of drugs that can be tested in people retorted yankner” (Johnson, 2014). However, when a person ages their REST levels could decrease or increase, some studies show that if one exercises and continuously learns, they have a less chance of being confronted by Alzheimer’s disease; also leading to a healthy brain with the production of REST at its normal rate. Yankner and his team retort (2014) “that REST appears to be activated in response to stress, but further work needs to be done to understand precisely why some people have higher REST levels during aging and some do not”. It is affected by the aging brain. When a person gets older their brain grows, producing more REST protein.
CT (computerized axial tomography) produces a visual picture of the brain on the computer. King reinstates that “The CT scan provides valuable information about the location and extent of damage involving stroke, language disorder, or loss of memory (pasi, poggesi, & pantone, 2011). Today, people exposed with Alzheimer’s can live up to 15 years of life with the modern technology. Although we taking an X-ray might benefit in some occasions; the...

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