Facts About Global Warming And Climate Change

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Facts about Global Warming and Climate Change
We know of no other habitable place in the universe comparable to planet earth. But the climate change poses obvious threat to all forms of life in the planet and no living creature is exempted. Extreme and unpredictable weather events and catastrophes are too overwhelming. Sometimes, people may need international aid to stand up.
It’s quite alarming how global warming affects the world. Imagine the world’s coolest places, the Arctic and Antarctica with its ice melting and pouring significant amount of water to the sea. The sea levels are rising fast, weather conditions change rapidly and sometimes getting more unpredictable.
Climate is dependent to various factors like how much sunlight certain area receives including the height above sea level. The land shape likewise affects climate and the distance of the land from the oceans. Also, climate differs in one location depending on its distance from the equator.
The average weather condition in a specific land area is termed as regional climate. Meanwhile, the climate condition of the entire planet is called the global climate. The latter is dependent on the amount of sun’s energy. Climate changes over a longer period of time while weather changes rapidly even in hours.
Climate change brought by the ill effects of global warming would be the earth’s greatest challenge and the worse is yet to come unless people work hand in hand to save the planet. If Antarctica’s 2-mile ice sheets melt, you can just think of how it can dramatically increase the sea levels. Scientists noted that with Antarctica alone, it holds 90% of the world’s ice. It is believed that if the Antarctic ice melts, it can throw as much as 230 feet water unto the sea. If this happens, many countries would sink under water.
Glaciologists said that the mass of the ice sheets and glaciers is decreasing at about 10%. More than one hundred fifty recorded glaciers in Montana in 1900s have numbered down to less than forty today. Climatologists who study the atmospheric gases verbalized the alarming carbon dioxide concentration after a series of analysis. This is a way of telling people that climate change today is quite unusual compared before.
Carbon dioxide is one of the most essential gases despite being a greenhouse gas. Plants live with carbon dioxide and in turn human beings and animals live with the oxygen released by the plants. Apart from that, carbon dioxide keeps the earth warm so that life is possible. Otherwise, the planet becomes a lifeless frozen dessert.
But with the increasing carbon dioxide emission, global temperature will continue to rise. Significant levels of greenhouse gases are brought about by the huge amount of fossil fuels burned from various human activities. By principle when the global temperature hits up, the sea levels move up as well. Experts say that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased about 30% in the last century and the highest...

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