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Facts About Kenya Essay

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Country Report 1. What is the population? What is its average population density? Population is 32,021,856 people. The Population density is 136 per square mile.2. What is the general climate? Its' precipitation? Its' temperature ranges? The general climate of Kenya is divided into two almost equal parts by the equator. The region North of the equator is hot and dry and receives comparatively little rain. The Southern region falls into three different weather/conditions zones: The coast is more humid, the average annual temperature ranges from about 24.4º C (about 76º F) in June and July to about 27.8º C (about 82º F) in February, March, and April; the highlands are relatively mild; the Lake Victoria region is more tropical. The rainy seasons occur from October to December and April to June.3. What is the national capital? Nairobi 4. Describe your country, according to the "location" and "place", which are found in the Five Themes of Geography. Kenya is located in Africa. The country is split almost in half by the equator. It is in Eastern Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean, between Somalia and Tanzania 1.00 N, 38.00 E. The Physical characteristics consist of mountains, the highest being Mt. Kilimanjaro, rivers, and Lakes. Lake Victoria is a beautiful lake on the borders of 3 countries. Some of the Human Characteristics are how some of the forests have been cut down for farm land or pastures. Some of the Human/Environmental Interaction doesn't really change Kenya. The tribes that lived and still live there don't take much from the country. Nowadays people are trying to Modernize it and so that is effecting Kenya in both good and bad ways. Movement and region are displayed when Kenya trades with other countries.5. What major language group are they part of? What other languages do they speak? The main language spoken is Swahili. Nearly all the African ethnic groups in Kenya have their own distinct languages, some of which are closely related. Since the early 20th century Swahili has become a major African tongue or language, and it is the official language of Kenya; Kikuyu, Luo, and English are also used.6. What kind of government do they use? In your opinion, does the government provide a lot of freedom (F) partial freedom (PF) of very little/no freedom (NF)? Kenya is a Republic within the Commonwealth of Nations. In my opinion the government gives (F). It depends on what province your in but for the most part it has a lot of Freedom.7. Are there any cities over one million in population? If so, what are they? Yes. They are - Nairobi, with a population of 2,510,800 and including the urban areas surrounding it the population is 3,043,100.8. What are the major natural resources? How is the land used? The major natural resources are pastures. They raise animals on it and about 4% of the land supports crops 9. ...

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