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Facts About Mormonism Essay

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Running head: [Shortened Title up to 50 Characters] 1[Shortened Title up to 50 Characters] 11Facts about MormonismTreshia M HassellUniversity of PhoenixIntroductionThe interview I conducted is about Mormon beliefs. The Book of Mormon is a holy scripture that is similar to the Bible. It is the word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was written by a prophet through a revelation and in the paper I will discuss how and why the Mormons believe their beliefs are of God.Facts about MormonismThe Mormons believe in God, Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior, and the Holy Spirit. They view themselves as Christian and their belief are conformed around The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here in the United States this religion is growing. There are 29,253 congregations, 189 published languages and 15,082,082 Members worldwide (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints , 2014). That's a lot of member considering it was not founded until 1830's and had six members and started in a small cabin.(Bing Images , 2014)Joseph Smith Jr.The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was founded by Joseph Smith. On April 6, 1830 he organized this new religion in Fayette Township in New York City. Joseph Smith was the first president of the Church and is viewed by his followers as a prophet in the same light as Moses or John the Baptist.On December 23, 1805 Joseph Smith Jr. was born in Sharon, Vermont to Joseph and Lucy Mack Smith. He did not come from a wealthy family his father was a farmer and he was the fifth of nine children; therefor his family could not afford to give their children a public education. Joseph was able to complete only three years of public schooling. His parents decided to teach their children and home using the Bible. Friends of Joseph describes him as a handsome rather tall man, strong and with a fit built and happy. Because he had so many brothers and sisters it is not far-fetched that he was playful and competitive (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints , 2014).(Bing Images , 2014)Joseph's family was very religious and so were others in his town. At 14 years old Joseph realized that although they all read from the same Bible everyone had a different interpretation of what God wanted for us on Earth and what was expected from us in-order to complete God's plan. Confused as to what beliefs were the right path to follow and knowing the Bible; Joseph went into the woods to read (James 1:5) from the New Testament looking for answers. During prayer Joseph testifies that he saw a bright light and he was approached by God himself and Jesus Christ. Joseph states Jesus told him not to join either church for "they were all wrong". Their lips speak of me, they teach the doctrines of men, having a form of godliness but they deny the power thereof" (Joseph Smith-History 1:19).The church members refer to this visitation from God and Jesus and the first "First Vision". Joseph believed that God had chosen him as he choose Adam, Noah,...

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