Facts And Myths Of Suicide In Canada And The U.S. (Article Critique)

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Suicide is the intentional act of killing oneself. Typically individuals who commit suicide act out of despair. Common suicide triggers are mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and alcoholism and drug abuse. Personal issues such as financial problems or poor interpersonal relationships play a significant role in the cause of suicide (Gross, 2006).In the U.S suicide is the 6th cause of death. Suicide is also the leading cause of death among teenagers and young adults, more men commit suicide than women (Gelder et al, 2005).Leenar and Lester article mention important information about the general knowledge about suicide in college students. However relevant information is missing.
Euthanasia or The right to die is medically assisted suicide, in which people suffering from terminally ill conditions, extreme pain or have poor quality of life because of injury or illness, choose to die with the help of a medical professional. This is a very controversial issue in which ethical and legal matters are argued by opponents and supporters of euthanasia.
According to the New England Journal of medicine 53% of all completed suicide were gun suicide. In the U.S firearms are easy to find and this availability increase the risk of suicide in the U.S, because a high percentage of suicide are done in an act of impulsiveness, during a crises caused by an immediate stressor, such as a romantic breakup or the loss of a job. (Miller & Hemenway, 2008). There is evidence linking suicide with the domestic presence of a gun in the household. The risk is about 2 to 10 times larger than homes without guns, depending on the studied population and the way the firearms are stored. (Miller & Hemenway, 2008)
Often suicidal people get involve in suicidal activities that do not result in death, those types of activities are known as parasuicide. People with a history of this behavior are 23 times more likely to end their lives, compare to those who don’t participate in such activities (Shaffer, D 1988). When a person attempt suicide unsuccessfully, in a desperate act to have others attention, is called a Suicidal Gesture. In this case, usually the individual use a non-lethal method to harm his/her self, that show clear signs of the attempt or make a potential lethal method with the knowledge or consideration that she/he will be rescued or prevented from dying.
There are other circumstances in which a person who truly wishes to end his/her life may fail, due to the lack of knowledge about the action, refuse to use methods that may cause permanent damage if they fail or the fear of harming others, those type of cases are call suicidal attempts. Is difficult to distinguish between a suicidal attempt and a suicidal gesture, because...

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