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Facts About Anlkle Sprains Essay

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* Ankle sprains are the most common injury that occurs in volleyball at both the recreational and elite levels. They reportedly account for between 17% - 61% of volleyball injuries.In children and youth the NSW Youth Sports Injury Report (Northern Sydney Area Health Service, 1997), based on a survey of 15,525 youth aged 11-19 years, found that the ankle was one of the two most frequently injured anatomical sites, accounting for 22% of volleyball injuries. Three of the four ankle injuries were sprains.In adults the Australian Volleyball Federation's (AVF) annual report of 2003 stated that at the elite/ high level, ankle injuries account for 34% of all volleyball injuries with sprains being 26%.Several studies have found that ankle injury (particularly sprains) mainly occur in the net zone and most ankle injuries (48-87%) result from landing on the foot of a team mate or just landing harshly after blocking, less commonly, (19-32%) an opponent after blocking or spiking the ball.*Ankle sprains are the dominant acute injury in volleyball accounting for 60% of all acute injuries associated with volleyball. They are a soft tissue injury because it's an injury that wouldn't be easily observed by objective medical tests, but rather is mainly evidenced by the description of pain and discomfort of the injuries person.*In order to prevent ankle sprains the following needs be considered:- Associations should consider the introduction of a stricter net-line violation rule to reduce foot conflict under the net.- Players with ankle sprains should complete supervised rehabilitation before returning tocompetition.- Players who have suffered a moderate or severe sprain should wear an appropriateorthosis (brace) for at least 6 months and,...

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