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Facts About Bullying Everyone Should Know

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When someone uses higher strength to influence, intimidate or force the victim to do what they want is known around the world as a bully. Bullying has become a big problem in the U.S. as days go by it seems like there is nothing that can stop this problem. There are different types of bullying and different places that bullying can occur. There is physical bullying, verbal bullying, relational aggression, cyber bullying, sexual bullying, and prejudicial bullying. But the most common ones are physical bullying, cyber bullying, and relational bullying. Bullying can also occur in different places like at home, at school, at parks, at workplaces, etc. In recent time periods all around the country, the number of suicides among teens have been rising, unfortunately due to bullying. To protect the students more, the department of education should start to apply some more strict rules against bullying. Although bullying can make someone raise their confidence, the victim is helpless and insecure so this problem needs to be stopped as a result, the possible victims can feel safe and protected out in the public.
Bullies can come in all different sizes and shapes, having a hard life at home can be a reason why bullies bully other reasons can be because they just like to pick on people. A bully can result from being raised in a family that does not have any morals or any structures. “Spanking, hitting, shoving and other forms of physical punishment or abuse can teach children to deal with their problems or challenges by using methods of aggression” (Parental Abuse Linked to Bullying, 4).However, since the children are not allowed to disrespect their parents they cannot take the anger, that their parents caused, out on the so the only thing the children can do is take it out somewhere else. The only place that is possible for the anger to be taken out in is on another person – the victim. A different example can be because the separation or divorce of the parents. When parents divorce, it can leave a child feeling lonely, or the children blame themselves for the divorce or separation. “These feelings of blame and loneliness can make the children rebel in a physical or verbal manner against other people” (Gordon). The most common bullying can also occur at home when parent’s favorite one child over the other, the children abuse each other, known as sibling abuse. Parents do not understand that they are the ones that start this by choosing one child over the other makes the other child wants to compete to get the attention of the parent. These children cope by hitting and or teasing the other child. By informing the parents of this epidemic they can understand how important this problem is and what necessarily needs to happen to stop this bullying. Another way a bully can attack their victim is by social media—cyber bullying.
With the technology of today’s world, it is not very difficult for someone to take an embarrassing photo or videos of another person...

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