Traits Of Islamic Orientation Of The Malays In Feudal Society

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MLL 219eIslam and the Malays(TMA01 - July 2013 Presentation)Mohamed Shahir Bin Mohamed Jailani (H1310278))Question 1 (Total 100 marks)In less than 1500 words, discuss three traits of Islamic orientation of the Malays in feudal society and examine to what extent do they exist in contemporary Malay society.In your answer, you are encouraged to utilise Malay classical texts such as Sejarah Melayu, Babat Tanah Jawi, Hikayat Abdullah, and Hikayat Hang Tuah; to analyze Malay films (past and present), and to conduct field researchIslam reached the shore on the Malay Archipelago in the 13th century through the traders from India and Arab countries, when the Malays had long adopted the sultanate system. Islam quickly set it roots in the hearts and minds of the Malays and Islam's teachings become synonym to the Malay's way of lives until today. Such is the influence of Islam on Malays cultural, social, economic and political system that it is often regarded by internal and external society that Malay is Islam and vice versa.Islam system is not feudalism as it does not practise class system. The authoritarian Malay rulers interpreted and manipulated Islam and used it to strengthen their legitimacy and widen their power. Thus, it emerged feudal Islam among the Malay society. In fact, Sultans became the symbols of Islam although some of them are not religious or unknowledgeable of Islam. During colonial era, rulers of the Malay society's powers were virtually relinquished except for the customary and religious matters. It was instilled in the mindset of the Malays that the rulers are religious symbol and represents Islam. Henceforth, performing service to the ruler is equivalent to a service to God.The traits of servility and submission to the ruler's absolute powers, obsession with power and authority for its own sake and the lack of freedom and independence in the feudal society and its existence in the modern Malay society will be discussed in this report.Primarily, the trait of servility and submitting to ruler's powers existed in the feudal Malay society in the past. Popular folklore of Hikayat Hang Tuah in the 15th century depicts a fine example of it. First and foremost, we look at Surah Al-Imran (3:19). It touched on the topic of submission to one God only. "Submission" (3:19, 85) is the religion whereby we recognize God's absolute authority, and reach an unshakeable conviction that God alone possesses all power; no other entity possesses any power that is independent of Him. The natural result of such a realization is to devote our lives and our worship absolutely to God alone. In Islam it is made clear in Quran that submission of oneself is only to God and He holds all the powers and might. (Submission, n.d).Contradictory, we see how Hang Tuah's loyalty and servility to Sultan Mansur Shah of the Sultanate of Malacca up to the extent that, out of the Sultan's order he killed his close comrade, Hang Jebat. Ironically, the order to kill Hang Jebat was...

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