Faculty Perceptions Of Self Plagiarism: An Exploratory Multi University Study

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Faculty Perceptions of Self-Plagiarism: An Exploratory Multi-University Study

Rachel Foxx

Liberty University

Article Review and Analysis Two: Faculty Perceptions On Self-Plagiarism: An Exploratory Multi-University Study
The article that will be reviewed in this paper is Faculty Perceptions On Self-Plagiarism: An Exploatory Multi-University Study written by Colleen Halupa and Doris U. Bolliger. This paper will define self-plagiarism, discuss the research developed by Halupa and Bolliger on the perceptions of self-plagiarism and their expectations of students and changes that need to take place in the education system will also be discussed. Plagiarism is ...view middle of the document...

297). The demographics of the faculty is as following, 44% male, 56% female, full-time faculty, associate professors, assistants, and lecturers. The faculty were a mix of people that had taught anywhere from 1 to 40 years (Halupa, Bolliger, 2013 p. 302).
In the results of this research, 47.2 % of faculty disagreed that self-plagiarism is clearly defined and the majority (78.7%) did not believe their students understood what self-plagiarism consisted of. 84.3% of those questioned believed their students needed to be better educated on this topic.
Reaction to Article
Reading articles about self-plagiarism such as this one is very beneficial for students because many do not fully understand what self-plagiarism consists of. Only 13% of the faculty surveyed believed students are educated on this topic (Halupa, Bolliger, 2013 p. 297) and because of this, it would seem that more faculty would want to better educate their students on this issue. However, some faculty believed that it is ok to use previous work because it has potential to help a student to learn more on the topic they are writing about, as long as the paper is not copied word for word (Halupa, Bolliger, 2013 p. 303).
If a student is not educated on self-plagiarism, they may continue to...

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