Fad Diets' Effects On Our Health

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"Lose thirty pounds in thirty days, flush out the fat from your system!"These words are becoming so repetitive when watching commercials on television or on billboards, driving on the highways of New Jersey. America is becoming so obsessed with getting "skinny," since that is the main attraction of all of the beautiful women on the hippest television programs. Shows like the "O.C." and "Grey's Anatomy" are casted mostly by beautiful people with flawless figures. The only problem with getting these impeccable bodies is that most people are too lazy to achieve it the correct way, like working out and eating right. Instead, they turn to diet pills and fad diets, which in turn, backfire and make most people unhealthy as an outcome. These fad diets have affected many women in negative ways around the world.Studies have shown that "ninety-five percent of people who follow fad diets, like Atkins, will regain their lost weight back within the same year," according to the Anne Collins weight loss program. This diet eliminates food groups completely, which deprives the body of essential nutrients the body needs to be healthy. It is a diet that is based on the misconception that the more sugars and carbohydrates the body consumes, the greater the amount of insulin the body produces, which in turn, increases fat storage, and appetite. This program cuts out everything except meat products and dairy. It definitely isn't worth the short term weight loss you can achieve. Your body can feel deprived of the normal foods we eat on a daily basis. In response, your body will crash and eat double the amount of pasta and bread, which of course, will lead to weight gain. When following this particular diet, your body will lack fibers, like whole grain breads and vegetables, vitamins and minerals that are also found in vegetables, which are known to prevent the formation of osteoporosis, heart disease and the free radicals causing certain cancers. The lack of fiber in your diet will also cause uncomfortable constipation and dehydration. This, in turn, causes heavy strain on the kidneys. It can also raise your blood pressure to astronomical levels.Fasting, cutting food out completely, is a route some of us will take in order to cut a little weight from our bodies in order to fit into an outfit that used to "fit like a glove" just a few years back. This will work for very short term weight loss, but a person choosing to fast will have to pay a few consequences in the end. What people don't realize when fasting, is that the body is "starving" for nutrients and energy. This is going to slow down the body's metabolism and compromise the body's health. It is only going to flush out the fluids, not fat, which will come back as soon as you drink something and retain water. All it takes is a little bit of sodium to make you gain it all back. The sodium makes you retain fluid in your body.The "Asian Tea Diet" is a fad that requires the dieter to drink a hot cup of "diet tea" with...

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