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Holding my knee's tightly to my chest, I can't help but notice the faded scars that line my shins. Each mark tells a story of adventures and mishaps I've encountered over my seventeen years - constant reminders of mistakes and discoveries I've made thus far in my shortly lived life. I begin to day dream, carefully recalling each detail as I sit comfortably on my bedroom floor.
On the inside of my left ankle I see the very faint scar from the summer I turned six. My oldest brother Geoff was out riding his bike and invited me to join him. As I climbed on the handle bars of his small green bike I wondered where we would ride to; the power lines down the road? The private road we weren't allowed to ride on? Or down the giant hill that ended just at my driveway? I continued to shout out suggestions in a way only little sisters can even though it was clear to me that he'd make up his mind; we were going to climb to the top of the steep hill. When we finally reached the top, he was standing on the pedals using every last ounce of strength to get us there. he released the break and the wind brushed against us as we sped full speed down the hill. We quickly made our descent and our house was only seconds away. Geoff tried to round the corner, slamming on the breaks as he entered the dirt driveway. The bike went skidding out from underneath us, throwing us both down to the rocky ground. I stood up quick as I could only to realize my foot was caught in the spokes of the bicycle wheel's tire. At the sight of the blood I instantly burst into tears and my brothers rushed me inside. My parents took me to the doctor's to find out that the fall had caused me to severely sprain my ankle. The next day, I was riding my bike again.
Further up on my body, I lift my shirt to find another small round scar on my stomach. I remember the day vaguely. It was winter and I was playing inside with my brothers, Michael and Geoff, against our parents wishes. We were playing some variation of tag, chasing each other around the whole house flying up and down the stairs as we went. I was feeling confident as I made my way around the kitchen table. Just then, I felt a pull on my shirt. I was tugged backward only to be...

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