Fahrenheit 451 And Antigone Comparison Essay

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Would you go against a law or rule to do what's- in your opinion- is morally right, even if it meant your life? Guy Montag and Antigone believed that their own personal morals were more important than any law or decree. Guy Montag from Fahrenheit 451 went against the government by trying to get books back into circulation because he believed that books were not a bad thing. Antigone went against Creon's decree which explained that Polyneices- Antigone's brother- was not to be buried with a formal burial. Even though these two characters are from totally different time periods, they have the same idea in mind.Guy Montag- the main character Fahrenheit 451 keeps books and reads them even though he knows it is against the law. His thinking is that society should not be the same, which the government is trying to establish, they should embrace their own differences and uniqueness. According to the government, if you get people from reading books, they don't create questions or get smarter than others. These two things cause people to be unhappy with them. Montag doesn't believe in this law, so he's going to do what's right, according to him.Antigone lost two brothers who killed each other, one was given a full military burial and the other was to rot in the sun. Creon's decree was that no one was to give Polyneices- the brother who is to rot in the sun- a burial. Antigone believed that this was an unjust law, so she secretly went out and gave her dead brother a...

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