Fahrenheit 451 And Technology Dependency Essay

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Throughout the book, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, dependency on technology becomes a relevant topic. In the novel, Bradbury depicts that people are obsessed with their technology and have become almost completely dependent on it. Characters such as Mildred exist in today’s modern world and show a perfect example of how society behaves. In today’s society, people use their technology for just about everything: from auto correct to automatic parallel parking; as time goes by people do less manually and let their appliances do the work.
Today’s world has become so dependent on technology that people can hardly be away from their cell phone. In Fahrenheit 451, Mildred portrays one of those ...view middle of the document...

‘That’s my family.’ ‘Will you turn it off for a sick man?’ ‘I’ll turn it down.’ She went out of the room and did nothing to the parlor and came back. ‘Is that better’” (Bradbury 46)? Mildred only cares for her virtual “family” and herself. When it comes to Guy, she just wants his money for her fourth wall. People in today’s world are a lot like her.
The article, “7 signs we are too dependent on technology”, lists specific signs that can help us recognize how much we really think we need our smart phones and laptops. “4. Nobody knows a phone number. It’s also very possible that he’s [husband] listed by name on your phone and you haven’t the faintest idea what his number is. If you lost your cellphone and all of your contacts, it’s very possible you’d have no idea how to get in contact with anyone, let alone someone important to you” (Kirschner 2). Sign number four relates to Fahrenheit 451 well because everything is automatic. If someone in current society lost their contacts, they wouldn’t know what to do; if Mildred’s automatic toaster broke, she probably wouldn’t even know how else to make her breakfast. Even today’s computers and smart phones have “auto-correct” or “Siri.” “‘In school, children don’t have to memorize as many facts as their grandparents did because they can Google it’” (Kirschner 3). These specific programs will correct spelling errors, do students’ math homework, or answer any question they could think of! These signs just go to show that people can hardly perform basic functions by memorization, because their technology has always done it for them!
In a technology-based world like today’s, systems such as “Park Assistant” have become common. “Park Assistant is a stand-alone option priced at $500, but it requires a 360-degree parking warning system called Park Distance Control, which is $750 (or is included as part of a ‘driver assist’ package on some models). BMW says roughly 10% of buyers opt for Parking Assistant” (Healey...

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