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Are you really happy? Or are you sad about something? Sad about life or money, or your job? Any of these things you can be sad of. Most likely you feel discontentment a few times a day and you still call yourself happy. These are the questions that Guy Montag asks himself in the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. In this book people are thinking they are happy with their lives. This is only because life is going so fast that they think they are but really there is things to be sad about. Montag has finally met Clarisse, the one person in his society that stops to smell the roses still. She is the one that gets him thinking about how his life really is sad and he was just moving too fast to see it. He realizes that he is sad about pretty much everything in his life and that the government tries to trick the people by listening to the parlor and the seashells. This is just to distract people from actual emotions. People are always in a hurry. They have 200 foot billboards for people driving because they are driving so fast that they need more time to see the advertisement. Now I am going to show you who are happy and not happy in the book and how our society today is also unhappy.

Clarisse is the happy one in the book. She is a young girl who meets Montag one day when he is taking a walk. She can tell that Montag doesn’t look happy. “He wears his happiness like a mask.”(pg.5) This is saying that his happiness was just to cover up his true discontentment inside of him. Because he is wearing his happiness just to cover up his discontent, Clarisse tries to show him that he is truly not happy. He tries to say that he is happy, but he knows that he really isn’t happy after all and he thought he was. The Healthy Living Website says that sometimes people become less happy because they lose touch with their lives. I think that the website is saying that in our society today people still go to fast or try to find happiness in technology and don’t find it. People start to get so into the social media that they lose touch with their physical self. So, Clarisse is the one that tries to help Montag and becomes his friend and really is one of the main things in Montag’s life that makes him happy.

Montag is the main character in this book and he is not happy. He thought he was happy for a long time, but after he met Clarisse he realized that he is not happy. He doesn’t think that he loves his wife anymore because she is so into the parlors and the seashells that she doesn’t even talk to him anymore. He has gotten bored of his wife because she never wants to talk to him anymore. “Will you turn the parlor off? He asked. That’s my family. Said Mildred. I’ll turn it down though.”(pg.47)This quote is saying...

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