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The novel Fahrenheit 451 written by fiction writer Ray Bradbury in 1953 tells the story of a fireman, Guy Montag. He starts out as a loyal servant in his society which has heavy censorship and a pending war. After awhile he sees the truth and attempts to break free. Bradbury shows how society can become when it denies imagination and tries to control its people, loosely based off of the Nazis.
Although Guy is a fireman in the novel, instead of putting out fires they burn materials. Most of which they burn is books because they are prohibited in this society. The fireman serve as a modern day crusade to kill imagination by destroying books and their owners. Montag does not question this because it has been done for centuries in his society and sees it has him doing his job.
After one day coming home he sees a girl following him and they start talking only to find out that she is very different from the rest of her peers. She makes him feel uneasy with the questions she asks him and goes against the system in which she lives in. Instead of being a robot she is lonely and romantic, she asks if he is happy and he cant answer because he does not know. Guy gets home only to sit in the darkness and try to figure out these new feelings he has and decides that his whole life has been very robotical.
Montag goes to bed to see is wife lying with her eyes open in bed unconscious, she had taken too many pills. Him and his wife were not close and they were living their own separate lives, she watches sitcoms on the tv wall and he just goes to work. Even though their marriage was barely sustained he calls an ambulance and this is so common that there is a machine to rapidly perform a blood transfusion. Handymen instead of doctors come to do this procedure and she awakes to say she didn’t try to kill herself she just drank too much.
Guy continues to talk to the strange girl, Clarrise, and he begins to see the truth. He sees parts of life he didn’t know existed and begins to do little things like taste rain and laugh. Clarisse tells him she visits a therapist because the things she does like hiking or watching birds deems her as crazy in the society. She then disappears for awhile and her whereabouts are unknown.
Montag gets a call to go burn a house were tons of books are being stored and he finds a book and hides it. He also finds an old lady in the house and refuses to leave it, even with them telling her they will burn her too. Montag tries to convince her but she simply says thank you then lights a match and burns herself and the house.
He returns home to find from his wife that Clarisse is dead because she was run over by a car a few days ago. The next day he feels sick from the news and cant leave so his fire chief comes to visit him and tells him how fireman started burning things instead of putting them out. Beatty, the chief, tries to tell him the harm books cause because they make people think and it makes people split into two...

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