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"Fahrenheit 911" Essay

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The movies that we watched were "Fahrenheit 911" by Michael Moore and "Fahrenhype 911" by Dick Morris. It was good that we watched both films because it brought into view many lies that Michael Moore had made up for his movie. Even after watching both movies it was hard to tell who was telling the truth and who was not. I am sure that everybody has their own opinion on the movies and the whole situation, but right now I am going to tell you mine.After watching Michaels Moore's "Fahrenheit 911", I was angry and upset and felt like everything that I had done while I served my time in the military and in Iraq was all for some bodies else's personal gain, to secure financial wealth after there presidency was over. Michael Moore produced documents that showed what the president had done wrong. All the way from intelligence stating that terrorist were plotting an attack on the nation prior to the 9/11 attacks and President Bush ignoring them, to flying Arabs out of the country to ensure their safety two days after the attack on the World Trade Center, to wanting to go to war for the sake of his companies that stood to gain large amounts of money if the country were at war, and to sending innocent young adults to their deaths. And for what you might ask? The goal is an end to global terrorism. Well, right now there is nothing. Or, at least that is what Michael Moore believes and conveys in his movie. Michael Moore believes that we have done nothing, when we actually have done so much for Iraq and its people."Fahrenhype 911" was a movie by Dick Morris that spun off in response to Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911. The purpose of this film was to discredit and expose all the lies that were started...

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