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Failed By K 12 Essay

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Considering our students, the education system has left myself as well as many other students battling with weaknesses due to the constant worry to compete rather than teach. The requirements and the motives of No Child Left Behind has made a negative impact on myself, due to teachers teaching the test in order to keep their funding. The Common Core and No Child Left Behind are both numbers driven. While teachers focus on keeping their funding, the government is focused on ranking and less about the minds of our future, our students.
No Child Left Behind requires standardized testing, which requires students in a state to take the same test as everyone else under the same conditions. This ...view middle of the document...

From personal experience, I received a slam dunk “a” on a test which I really did not understand and subsequently, had trouble throughout the lessons. However, I aced that quiz, with the help on a teacher and an eraser. This is evidence of how teachers will do anything, just to meet the requirements of the act.
I have developed other weaknesses along with math, which was a result of standardized testing. I have developed a problem where I always assume there is “one answer”. This is another effect of standardized testing. The lectures were not lessons, more of a review of what to expect on the test, which was multiple choice. Teachers are teaching students that there is only one answer and this is damaging to a student’s mind who is not learning how to use critical thinking. Honestly, the whole “Standardized Testing” process and the excuses like “Let’s reform our education system so our students can beat the other kids in other countries” nonsense is rather sad. I believe standardized testing actually slowed me down.
I sat in a class with students who had different strengths and weaknesses and was forced to take the “one size fits all test”, and it slowed me down. I was advanced in every subject, but teachers were forcing me to sit and listen to their new way of teaching, which was to the test. I should have received more and instead, I was not acknowledged. Teachers did not care about what I already knew. They just wanted me to help them receive their funding. I did not have a voice. Constantly, I found myself saying “I already know this”, but after a while, my learning pace was the same as everyone else’s. My weaknesses came from No Child Left Behind.
This is the problem in education today. Teaching the test will not allow a student to engage in critical thinking or learn problem solving. The system is absolutely ridiculous. How can students become doctors, lawyers or even the president if we are only familiar with memorization rather than application? New diseases will form, how can a doctor find the answer if he was never taught to engage in critical thinking? How can a lawyer prove his case if he is only familiar with the easy way out? How can the president lead if he was taught to follow? More importantly, how can we obtain these degrees or roles in the future if we aren’t prepared to retrieve them and utilize them in college?
College has different expectations of students and we are not learning them in the K-12 system. In English, close reading is valued in college, while in high school, students are used to skimming. In college, most essays, if not all, require a thesis. In high school, most students are not even familiar with the word “thesis”. College requires more writing than an average high school student is used to. High school focuses more on the simple grammar mistakes and ignores other important terms like coherence, organization and support. The standardized test does not even really test...

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