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Failing Family Essay

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Have you ever seen or experienced a broken family? Consider the consequences of a single mother struggling to pay rent and provide for her child as well? Imagine a divorce and the state of the eight-year old struggling to understand why her daddy is leaving? These issues are real. They are not part of a fantasy that is written as a life lesson. According to Nick Schultz, the Family structure in America is failing. He points out that marriage is becoming a rare occasion and that because of the lack of intact two-parent families, America’s economy is flailing as well. He supports this assertion by stating what it is that has changed in families, how it affects the economy, and offers some ...view middle of the document...

Obviously, Shultz points out that the character of the child is what makes him the greatest contributor to the economy. He further expands, “The family reproduces cultural patterns in the individual. It not only imports ethical norms, providing the child with his first instruction in the prevailing social rules, it profoundly shapes his character, in ways of which he is not even aware….Because of its enormous emotional influence, it colors all of a child’s subsequent experience.” (Schultz) Out of necessity, Shultz compels the reader to understand the consequences of the failing family structure.
How could one bring light to an issue without a solution? Shultz uses a quote from David Ellwood and Christopher Jenks to elaborate, “for those who want to alter family structure, we can only offer one bit of advice: treat anyone who claims to know how to do this with a high degree of skeptism.” (Shultz) He goes on to offer many possible solutions to lowering the rate of divorces and encouraging marriage through a couple policies. Some of the ones he offered are delaying divorce,...

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