Failure Is Important To Later Success Class 12 Essay

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Difficult to determine if it was diaphoresis or the dampness in the air that I felt on my Skin. While my left knee demanded a bit of rest, the right one stretched across the hull of the canoe, essentially I was struggling for a moment to keep my boat balanced. As I rowed my watercraft towards the finish line my confidence was low.
After winning the title of the best in ‘canoe sprint’ how could I lose to a fresher in the sport?
Just before the summer break I was awarded the title of 'Best in Canoe Sprint’. On reaching home, I celebrated my title and felt unbeatable. Following which, the entire summer session i did not even touch my canoe rather I was foolishly bragging about how good I was in the game.
Returning from the break something changed in me. Mistaking my over-confidence for high confidence. My practicing hours decreased and partying hours increased. One day a junior walked up to me ‘ and asks for a friendly round in sprint. At first I thought to myself, I could taste the glory once again. The time was set and the friendly round taken was taken as a challenge by me. As a result, my overconfidence let the spint slip from the water beneath my speedy boat and I lost the round along with it my reputation. It felt like the fresher had crippled the champion’s...

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