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In theory, communism is a fantastic idea for society. According to Collin’s English Dictionary, communism is “a classless society in which private ownership has been abolished and the means of production and subsistence belong to the community” ( While communism is most often erroneously associated with the Soviet Union and China, they are in fact a totalitarian deviation of the philosophical ideal. In a true communistic society, no government would be found. In a true communistic society, no government would be found. In practice, communism is doomed to fail due to the flaws of human nature. Two flaws in particular contribute to this collapse more than any other-- greed and pride. Greed is the man who needs what is not necessary for survival. Greed instills in men a thirst for power and wipes all charity from their thoughts. Pride is the man who looks down upon his peers, feeling that he is better than any other, or the man who seeks to rule over them and guide them through his apparent wisdom.
The governments of the former Soviet-Union and Romania, as well as present day North Korea, China and Cuba, are considered to be Marxist-Leninist states (a form of communism). These countries are ruled by a single, all-powerful government body, with a single individual as the head of that government. All people of the state are said to be equal, with no one above the other. Yet the ruler, advisors, and military live in better conditions than the commoners, already contradicting the basic ideals of communism. These governments take their hypocrisy one step farther by using the majority of the earnings of the citizens to support lavish lifestyles of the royal families or rulers, as well as the army of the nation while only a meager amount is given back to the people. For instance, according to Waldemar Hanasz, Nicolae Ceausescu, the current ruler of Romania, he had numerous mansions built for his own relaxation, never even considering that others might need basic shelter (Hanasz). This kind of action leaves the commoners struggling. Greed can be found here at its most revealing state. A single person or small groups of individuals are living in luxury off the backs of the citizens in an orgy of greed.
Greed aside, let us imagine that we have found a collective nation, without government, who believe in the common-wealth and wants to collectively support everyone and have no man above another. In such a community, as in all communities, there would be varying personalities as well as varying work ethics from person to person. As each individual chooses his/her profession, even though they believe in the common-wealth, over time a sense of value of his/her trade comes into play. This is where pride rears its head. As this sense of value manifests itself, many might begin to view doctors as more useful than waiters, and teachers more than sanitation engineers and so on. In many cases, the person who is the doctor will...

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