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A valuable factor within any democracy is the presence of political parties. As dictated by Webster, a party is meant as "a group, which unites to promote or maintain a policy, a cause, or other purposes, as a political group." This definition can be easily simplified as individuals with a common cause. This is just the case with American political parties. They are ordinary groups of individuals with a common cause in hopes to gain political power. Within the United States, two political parties make up the majority, the Republicans and Democrats. Unlike many other democratic nations around the world, America is unique with their generalized lack of parties. However, there is a growing trend within America that implies the two-party system, which has been the leader in American politics, has started to become weak.
     When the United States initially formed as a nation, there were few differentiations between the people. Those with voting privileges were mostly white Anglo-Saxons. The greatest differences seemed to be developing around the issue of slavery creating a North versus South political atmosphere. Siding with the intelligence of the era, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, the federalist and anti federalist parties developed around opposing ideas regarding a written Bill of Rights. This form of elitism running the government was not unreasonable in a time when communication to the outskirts and rural areas of the nation was slow. The common, uneducated people needed to trust that those making immediate decisions were educated and capable of running this nation, which most politicians proved to be.
     The elitist government and political party system that existed in colonial times, however, does not suffice the needs of the 21st century American. In the past two centuries, the United States has survived an industrial revolution which brought along advances in communication technology, as well as two world wars and massive immigration, be it legal or illegal. Culturally, the nation has changed from primarily Anglo-Saxon, to the melting pot that it is likened...

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