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Failures In Research Measuring The Standard Of Living

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Standard of living was measured by household asset and material possessions; using an INFHS standard of living index. Possessions were given a weighted average and added up. Each household was assigned to a quintile that ranges from high to lower quintile. Asset indices measure SEP at the household level in an attempt to quantify the material aspects of living conditions and its interpretation is hinged on the relationship of the individual to the household. Subramanian et al failed in measuring life course SEP. Life course SEP changes over time so it is important to view it as a time varying exposure. Several indicators of SEP should have been measured across the life course to avoid confounding by unmeasured SEP indicators such as education and occupation , which were not taken into consideration in this study.

There was no reference or measure of education, which is an important indicator for measuring life course SEP, as it is strongly formed by parental characteristics. It can also be conceptualised within the life course framework as an indicator of early life SEP. It can capture the evolution from parent SEP to adulthood SEP and it is a determinant of future employment therefore income. The levels of education attainment i.e. primary, secondary and tertiary can be used to measure education .

Another indicator that was missed was occupation, it can act as indicator. It is vital in a life course study as parental occupation can act as an indicator for childhood SEP in collaboration with individual’s occupations at different stages of adult life. Moreover, the measure can be transferable from one individual to another and can be used to characterize the SEP of others connected to them. Occupation is related to income, social standing/ privileges, social networks and specific toxic environment. For example lower caste in India work cleaning human waste with basic tools, this line of work enforces their low status in society and they are exposed by their work to...

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