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Faint Line On Pregnancy Test Essay

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Some women take early home pregnancy tests, only to find a faint line, which may put doubt on whether they are really pregnant or not. The rules say that any line that appears on a pregnancy test, even if it is just a faint line, is considered a positive result. This can be confusing to some who have also experienced taking an ovulation test, which indicates positive results only when the color intensity of the line is similar to or even darker than a control line.

Why Is There a Faint Line on Pregnancy Test?
There are many possible reasons why only a faint line appears on a pregancy test:

Testing too early. This is one common reason why women get inaccurate results from
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Expired or improperly stored test kits may not give accurate results.

Evaporation lines. Urine can evaporate from your pregnancy test and produce a faint line that may resemble a positive result. Evaporation lines, however, do not have color and look more like shadows.

Test results read after recommended time. A manufacturer usually recommends the time when results may be read accurately. A faint line may appear if the pregnancy test is read after the recommended time because urine continues to react with the test, which may produce false positive results.

Chemical reaction. A chemical reaction due to the presence of hCG in the body, but does not consist of normal pregnancy, sometimes occurs. “Chemical pregnancy” is sometines used to describe early miscarriage.

Some medications. Certain medicines, including hCG-containing fertility medications and thorazine may give a false positive result that appears as a faint line on your pregnancy test.

If a faint line appears on your pregnancy test, do the test again, trying different brand with higher sensitivity levels. It is recommended that you consult a doctor when you are in doubt of your pregnancy test results, especially if you have missed your period.
Another option to confirm the result is to have a blood test taken in a laboratory upon your doctor's recommendation.

Does a Faint Line on Pregnancy Test Indicate Pregnancy?
Home pregnancy tests give positive results when hCG hormone levels in the urine are elevated. However, the sensitivity of different brands of pregnancy tests may differ, with the more sensitive tests being able to...

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