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Fair Treatment For Disabilitated Children Essay

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Developmental disabilities are severe, long-term problems. They may be physical, such as blindness, or they may affect mental ability, such as learning disorders. Or the problem could be both physical and mental, such as Down syndrome. The problems are usually life-long, and can affect everyday living. Often there is no cure, but treatment can help the symptoms. Treatments include physical, speech, and occupational therapy. Special education classes and psychological counseling can also help. Although they do present many challenges for children, they need not hinder a person's right to live. Because of this, children with special challenges should be treated equally as an average student, but with necessary exceptions. Many individuals believe if children are assisted by an aid or given “special attention” they are being treated unfairly, but what they do not understand is these children have special needs which cannot be met by an average school teacher.
Such necessary exceptions could be having them placed in IEP (individualized education program), or have the assistance of an aid. IEP is the educational road map for children with disabilities. It maps out the child’s specific educational goals with the help of supplementary aids which the school district must provide. When children with intellectual disabilities advance through school and their own developmental stages, they require training and/or an educational program which is appropriate for their abilities. Initially, these children may need help in acquiring the basic developmental skills (fine and gross motor skills, speech and language skills) which are within their capabilities. As children acquire competence in these areas, they are better able to learn academic and other school-related skills. Even so, these children still require a special educational setting with more individual attention and support. This is especially true of young children who also have behavior problems. However, some of these children can engage in non-academic activities, such as sports, physical education, art, and chorus with their peers who are not intellectually disabled. Increasingly, children with mild cognitive impairments are being mainstreamed into inclusion classrooms. Preparing children with intellectual disabilities for both lifelong pursuits and as much independence as possible is the major goal of their education.
The transition into kindergarten represents many important developmental milestones for children and may pose unique challenges to children with disabilities, their families and teachers. Kindergarten entry is an important milestone for children as it signifies the beginning of more academically-oriented elementary school and the end of more play-based early childhood education (Quintero 1). In kindergarten, children say good-bye to snack and nap time as they take on the formal roles of students. Students in kindergarten are expected to complete tasks more independently and rely on...

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