Fair Work Australia. How The Dispute Was Solved By Fair Work In The Case Of Qantas Csu Essay

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Sagar Baral, CUC 100, Assessment
Sustainability is one of the most burning debatable issue for almost all countries in this 21st era. sustainability got different definition by the different scholars and groups. Generally, people think that sustainability is a simple issue but in the matter of fact sustainability is one broad field of study and among them, one of the field of study named as sustainability science. (Clark, 2007). Sustainable tourism is a commitment made by the tourism industries to make minimal negative impact on local culture, environment, and economy and will create future benefit and employment to the local people. (Costanza & Patten1995) In short we can say that positive development on tourism is consider as tourism sustainability. Simply sustainable tourism is based on triple bottom line (environmental, economic and equity). Tourism sustainability is inextricably bound with the proper allocation of resources. Although New Zealand is advertised abroad as clean, green, and adventure playground with the slogan of 100% pure New Zealand, still achieving tourism sustainability is difficult due to the (social, economic and environmental issues) pollution, crimes and unequal allocation of resources. Unmanaged urbanization, growth in immigrants, seasonal demand for manpower, service and resources are the main challenges which resist New Zealand to achieve tourism sustainability. There are thousands of beautiful places in New Zealand which can easily attract the attention of the tourist around the world. Some places like Mild Ford sound, Sky tower, Franz Josef Glacier Rotorua, Bay of island are some famous destination for international as well as home tourist. This essay is going to delineate information on sustainable tourism in New Zealand, point out sustainability issue from an environmental social and economic point of view, help to let people know who are the stakeholder of sustainable tourism and possible solution for it.
The fundamental ethics of tourism must be maintaining tourism sustainability. Fennell D.A (2015). For New Zealand tourism is a largest contributor to its economy and social wellbeing. Tourism is New Zealand’s largest export earner which overtook dairy in 2015/2016. In March 2016 the total tourism expenditure reached 34.7 Billion Dollar which is 12.2 percent more than previous year. In the term of GDP, it contributed 5.6 percent in New Zealand total GDP in other word we can say that tourism generate a direct contribution to GDP of 12.9 Billion Dollar (compared with 10.6 Billion in pervious year). In the matter of fact of Employment 332322 people are directly or indirectly employed in New Zealand. (Ministry of business, innovation and employment 2016). Tourism. From international student who are studying less than 1 year in New Zealand earned 2.7 Billion Dollar in 2016. The above data and figure make evident that New Zealand used its Natural resources optimally to generate earning for its nation but it still...

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