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Fairness Essay

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"Fair "“ Having or exhibiting a disposition that is free of favoritism or bias." To be fair, sometimes, is to be cruel. Being fair doesn't always mean doing the nice thing, it means doing the right thing. Being fair requires a lot of control. When being fair, one cannot pick and choose "favorites," otherwise known as biasness. To be fair, you cannot let your feelings interfere with your decision.My "fairness" was put to the test when given a situation (where I am the teacher) in which a good student who turns in all assignments, a poor student who has missing assignments, and a student who's printer ran out of ink all asked for a due date extension on an ...view middle of the document...

However, the good student and the poor student did not have an adequate excuse for their homework assignment being incomplete, therefore, I would not have even thought of giving them an extension on the due date. In the end, I would probably have decided to make it due on the original date instead of giving an extension to anyone at all. I would have chosen that decision because I believe it is the least biased, and most fair to the entire class. The student whose printer ran out of ink could have done a number of things to get his assignment in on time. He could have saved it on a disk and brought it in to school and got it printed there. Another factor that led me to my final decision is that all the other students had worked their hardest to get the assignment in on time, and if I changed the due date for a student, I would have to do it for all of the students.In conclusion, I would have done what I thought was best and least biased. I though that the least biased decision was to make the due date the same for all the students instead of pushing it back a day for just a few students. The good student did not have a legitimate reason for not turning it in, so he doesn't get the extension. The poor student didn't have a legitimate reason, so he doesn't get the extension either. The student whose printer ran out of ink was not responsible enough to save it on a disk and bring it in to prove he had done the assignment, so he doesn't get an extension either. I believe that was the best and fairest way to deal with the situation. After all, fair is fair.

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