Fairy Tales By Jakob And Wilhelm Grimm

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Fairy tales were a big part of my childhood. I started my research on fairy tales written by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. Fairy tales often have a character that goes on a journey or an adventure. During his journey he encounters mystical beings that help or hurt the characters success. When I was a child, my grandparents would tell my sister and I stories like “Jack and the Bean Stalk” and “Little Red Riding Hood”. My grandfather would always act out the part of the wolf or the giant, while my grandma told the story. The fairy tales by the brothers Grimm were very popular and some were retold by Disney. But Disney’s versions were much less graphic than the original tales.
I believe that fairy tales are a big part of child’s life and they can make his or her childhood memorable. These fairy tales usually have a positive moral that teaches a lesson like the ones I was told as a child. Most tales teach against dangerous behavior. A good story teller, like the ones who passed down the tales and my grandparents, can really have a positive impact on a child. These tales were also a big source of entertainment, both in the present and in earlier days. Hearing stories as a kid taught me important lessons like not to talk to talk to strangers from “Hansel and Gretel”. These fairy tales are also very memorable part of my childhood with my grandparents.
The Search:
While researching fairy tales I came across an article titled “Fairy Tales and Fables”. As I
read through the article I had to pick out ten important facts about the fairy tale genre and its origins. Collecting my facts was difficult because there were many writers that changed the audience for fairy tales. I didn’t want to just write down 10 authors and their works that contributed to the popularity of fairy tales. I would say having to choose only ten facts from so much information was the difficult part. I then had to research 5 stories written by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. I rather enjoyed reading the original versions because I could compare them to the Disney versions I know. This step would have been my favorite if we didn’t have to write down the elements of each story.
After reading some of the work by the brothers Grimm, I had to find details of their lives and take notes. I finished step three fairly quick because the article was nonstop facts. Steps four and five of research I completed over Christmas break. I watched a Disney movie for step four and compared it to a Grimm tale. I liked this step of my research because you notice all the things Disney adds to catch the eyes of little kids. The next step was an interview with my grandmother about her experiences with fairy tales. This step was my favorite because I learned more about my grandmother’s childhood and got to spend time with her. The last step of my research, step six, was the most difficult because the author made it difficult to comprehend the article; henceforth, making it hard to take notes. I then had to...

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