Fairy Tales Shape Our Childhood And Our Future

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Fairytales are usually short stories about fantasy characters and are told using the typical “once upon a time” intro. The addition of magic can also be used within a fairytale. Fairytales are usually farfetched stories about these characters that normally would not talk in real life, communicating and speaking like normal human beings. They are children’s stories about magical beings and creatures. They are often fabricated stories that may have hidden meanings but they usually are not as child like as we make them out to be. The plot of an original fairytale is darker and haunted even, but nowadays it is cleaned up and edited for the safety of children.
Stories are important to us because they let us know how people’s imaginations were like in the past and what they were interested in. Stories get passed down from generation to generation and when each story is told orally, something changes. Each story becomes a little more unique and has a different moral each time it’s told, depending on the storyteller. They teach us about life and help us tell whether or not the story is really a tall tale. Stories have been entertaining us since the beginning of time and they make life just a bit more interesting. Telling fairytales gives us something to do to pass the time and without a story every so often people would become bored and unimaginative. Depending on the story told, they show us about the individuality and the creativity of the storyteller.
The Search:
It was a chilly afternoon back in December when Mr. Boardman announced that we would be meeting in the library for class instead of the usual classroom scene. I remembered the joy I felt as I realized I would have to walk an extra half mile to go to the library instead of to the 200 building. As I stepped into the threshold of the student library and heard the hustle of adolescents rushing about checking out books, I came to the conclusion that this would be a noisy and restless class period. I took a seat beside my good friend, Adam, and logged on to my computer and started my work. I looked into multiple useless websites about fairytales and folktales only to find meaningless opinions and wrong outdated information. When I finally found a few perfect websites it was easy to fill out all the information I needed. The hard part was citing my information because I didn’t quite think things through beforehand and exited out of most of the tabs that I needed. That was not my biggest mistake though; I ended up trying to search for my sources all over again instead of just clicking on my history. I basically just made extra work for myself because now I had to go back and find information I hardly remembered to properly cite. If I had just stopped and thought about what I was doing, I probably would have had more than enough time before the class period ended to fill out my charts and take more thorough notes. The only thing I was happy about was finally finishing up the reviews...

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