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Faisal Essay

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Your case study report should cover all the following sections:Section1) introduction about the company:What sort of company is it?What's the product/service that is offered?Who are the managers?When was it established?What type of e-commerce is it (B2B, B2C, …).Section2) Business model:In this section, provide a detailed description of the business. Include the products, market and services as well as a thorough description of what makes this business unique. The description of the business should have two main sections: the first section describes the business, while the second section describes the product or service that is offering. The description of the business should clearly identify the business's goals and objectives (its "mission"). When describing the business, generally you should also explain:Description of business, customer value proposition and competitive advantages:What the company is offering?How the product or service will benefit the customer.What is different about the product or service this business is offering compared to other companies.What makes this business unique and how or why its unique aspects will appeal to consumers. Emphasize any special features that you feel will appeal to customers and explain how and why these features are appealing.Market OpportunityIn this section you should write a brief summary about the industry this website belongs to and cover some of these aspects (market opportunity includes a discussion of industry characteristics and trends, projected growth, customer behavior, complementary products/services, barriers of entry).CompetitionWho are the nearest direct competitors?How is the competitor's business: steady? increasing? decreasing?What are the competitor's business strengths and weaknesses?How does the competitor's product or service differ from the website in your case study?MarketingWho are their customers? How are their target market(s).Is this market growing? steady? declining?How this website attracts, holds,...

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619 words - 2 pages , after his death in 1953, five of his sons in succession have ruled Saudi Arabia as an absolute monarchy. His immediate successor Saud, facing opposition from the rest of the royal family, was replaced by Faisal in 1964. Until his murder by a relative in 1975, Faisal presided over a period of growth and modernization fueled by oil wealth. Saudi Arabia's role in the 1973 oil crisis and, the subsequent rise in the price of oil, dramatically

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359 words - 2 pages rooftop. They were used for the same purpose, to summon to prayer. The minaret began with the mosque of Al Qayrawan (8th century). Minarets became a common feature on all mosques.The mosque I chose to model was built in 1985. The Faisal Mosque in Islamabad is designed to look like a dessert tent, it has four 300 ft minarets

Reliability and convergent validity of the Cleanliness Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Scale

691 words - 3 pages transmitted diseases. In this assignment the Padua Inventory – Washington State University Revision is translated into Arabic and modified. Modification and translation (face validity) The Head Section Of Psychiatry ,Dr. Abdullah AlOtaibi Psychiatry Consultant in King Faisal specialist hospital in Saudi Arabia, and Dr. Nahed Balalaa General Surgery Specialist in Mafraq Hospital in Abu Dhabi, reviewed the Padua Inventory – Washington State

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1388 words - 6 pages Suez Canal (US Hates This) - Eygpt goes into the Soviet Camp - Invasion of Egypt by UK, France, Israel Arab Cold War - Nasser?s Egypt and Syria vs: - Saudi Arabia + King Faisal of Iraq + King Hussein of Jordan + Lebanon (governed by Western leaning President Chamoun) ?1 Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Faisal I King of Iraq - Placed in power by the British to take over Iraq Faisal II (1939-1958) - In 1958 Post 1956 Suez Canal Nationalization - Countries

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1050 words - 4 pages British disagreed since they felt parts of Syria were outside Arab domain. Since it was more important for the British to have the Arabs as fighting allies they supported Hussein. He proclaimed himself king of the Arabs in Mecca. He had the support of the British and the recognition of France of him being king. The revolt spread throughout the peninsula. Arab troops, mostly Bedouins were led by Hussein’s son Faisal. They were aided by the

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589 words - 3 pages reforestation which allows trees that have usually been cut down due to deforestation to grow back. This can help rebuild habitats and ecosystems as well as reduce the impacts of climate change. Conclusion - Comment by Faisal: Summarise points Review them Prove that humans have had adverse effects on environment · Conclusion : Humans have had various interactions with biomes some of which have bad impacts such as deforestation and unsustainable

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1075 words - 4 pages harassment in the workplaces, ineffective job placements and no consideration for promotions. According to Faisal Rabby and William M. Rodgers, “...9/11 and the anti-terrorism measures were associated with a relative decrease in employment, hours worked, and the earnings of immigrants from Muslim-majority countries. The largest decreases were among the youngest immigrant men(ages 16 to 25) from Middle East(excluding Israel), Iran and Afghanistan, whose

Gertrude Bell: The Watershed of Iraqi Archaeology

3422 words - 14 pages place as rich in history, art and architecture as anywhere in Europe. A Politician and Administrator Bell’s success as a politician is marked primarily with her impressive role in the establishment of the Iraqi state, the implementation of the British mandate by the League of Nations in 1920, the coronation of Faisal I, and creation of the treaty of Lausanne in 1923 (Asher-Greve, 2004, p.162). Due to her success in her initial position as

The Road to Democracy in Iraq

2661 words - 11 pages when a faux-democracy push did not occur. In 1921, under British rule, an election of sorts occurred and Hashemite Amir Faisal became king of Iraq. However, this was not to last since Faisal had the awesome task of realizing and aiding the Iraqi citizens to be free from Britain rule. This proved to be impossible due to the power of the British. Faisal saw his failure, and acknowledged it, at his inability to bring about a united state of Iraq

Risk Management Project

1862 words - 7 pages be no changes made until the August 2, 2004, review of the results by the project team.In researching the Internet to find other facilities that have addressed informed consent in a Quality Improvement project, many sites that utilized the FOCUS PDCA tool for quality improvement projects were found. A facility located in Saudi Arabia that focused of improving informed consents was found. The facility is named King Faisal Specialist Hospital and

The Necessity of Reforming the Citizenship Process

1779 words - 7 pages fees were already difficult to find for some immigrants, who also must hand over $85 for biometric fees” (Foley 1). Cleary the process can produce an economic burden on immigrant families that do not have the money to apply. The interview with Faisal Nazir, my father, reveals the hardships that many immigrants go through in order to become citizens. When asked the question, “Approximately how much money you have spent on obtaining citizenship

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1083 words - 4 pages the attainment of the success of this goal, the implementation of good management skills are essential. Moreover, the department of nursing of the hospitals require good leadership in order to run the affairs and manage the organisation to high standard required in the health sector of the country. This focal point of this organisation review will be on King Faisal specialist hospital and research centre, Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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2179 words - 9 pages The history of modern Iraq is one that is made up of many components, from the British occupation, to its monarch the non Iraqi Faisal, and his desire for a pan-Arab state. This document will present different events and subjects which will allow the reader to comprehend the history of Iraq from 1920- 1958, and what events occurred in the time period. Before we can begin to learn the modern history of Iraq we must briefly learn of the events

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951 words - 4 pages , the author of “After Genocide in Rwanda: Social and Psychological Consequences”, 120,000 people were arrested for suspected killings of Tutsi people. Belgium, a country that tried to help during the Rwandan Genocide, built a private hospital in Kigali, Rwanda titled King Faisal Hospital (“King Faisal Hospital”). According to “King Faisal Hospital” the Belgians built the hospital as a way of “fulfilling their morale duty”. Although the Rwandan

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609 words - 3 pages I finished my MD degree in King Saud University, and then I enrolled in the general surgery residency program at a King Faisal hospital and research center (KFSH&RC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. By that time, I got the concepts that were needed to build the basic information and skills to be a safe surgeon, and active clinical researcher. Currently, I have a scholarship for clinical and research fellowship in breast and endocrine surgery. The master