Faith According To The Apostle James

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This article “Faith according To the Apostle James” was quite interesting because of the arguments that were displayed in explaining the context of faith by James. The author John MacArthur is intensely elaborating the good of intentions of how important it was to James to share his concern with the believers of Christ to have strong faith in the gospel of Christ. It almost seem there was an argument with the author himself and others who he measured his work which were Apostle James and his colleagues. However, you also understand the importance of having faith because of the belief for Christians to have faith so they can be doers of the Word. If one has ever read the Book of James your initial thought most likely is about leadership role of ministers and mature saints. In this article it is the opposite. It expounds on the power of faith and faith in action. Showing faith is the key ingredient to believe and live according to the Word of God. There were key points immediately made by the author to help any reader see a different light on the Book of James.
The first key the author makes mention is the Lordship. The author is explaining to the reader there should be some kind of “Lordship Salvation” because it is the beginning of our faith. Here he argues it seems with him and others but refers back to James chapter two; showing there is nominal faith and real faith. James insistently shares with his audience of his time to be not just hearers but doers of the Word. (v.1:22) The author does justice by putting this evaluation into one simple sentence. “Believe! That is why we do the word by faith, and why faith is called obeying the Word.” This thought will make anyone stop in their tracks. You must have belief, faith and we must act in order to make it work in our daily lives.
The next strong view shared in this article is “The perfect law of Liberty” According to the author this is implicating “the law is written on the heart of the believer.” This is you’re your freedom to live becomes a reality,...

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