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Faith And Doubt Essay

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“Faith and doubt both are needed. Not as antagonists. But working side by side to take us around the unknown curve.” Lillian Smith

What Lillian Smith means by this quote is that when you have too much doubt and not enough faith you end up sitting. Waiting for nothing. And not accomplishing anything but immobility. So when we have too much faith the same outcome can be assumed or we could take it as if you have too much faith that you can do something, you end up believing you can push it off until it suddenly becomes something of more importance i.e. a paper that you have a to write for a performance or something as simple as a bet for a lot of money. If you were to have so much faith as to believe you could easily achieve this task you could end up with a bad grade. Or in a little debt. Faith can also be intertwined with arrogance, meaning you could brag about something you think you’re good at but you really aren’t and the outcome of what you thought was great was really terrible and something you shouldn’t be proud of. But the perfect medium would be to have a bit of doubt to go with the faith, you need doubt so you can question yourself every once in a while. To check yourself and ask if you really need to be working on that assignment. Or if you just need to quit worrying about something that you can do because once you quit doubting yourself you can accomplish whatever it is you are destined to accomplish. Don’t completely abolish doubt but keep your faith and doubt in check when making important decisions.
Most individuals think that faith and doubt are seen as enemies. They say that there is no way that someone could have both because they don’t coincide with each other but when we really look into it as aforementioned it is possible to have both and be just fine which is why; Faith and doubt are not contradicting convictions because they are both needed to make decisions.

Minister’s Black Veil
Faith was very present in this story because the Minister was just that, a minister.
In this story...

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