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Recently the Provincial Parliament of Ontario has focused on passing a law or proposal paving the way for the establishment of faith based religious schools targeted toward those that want to have a separate school system. The Government of Ontario should fund and support only one set educational system province wide and without segregation based on beliefs and religious affiliation. The system that I must like to be strengthened and supported is the public schools throughout the province.The first problem with a faith based educational system is of budgetary nature namely money allocation. Building new schools need a lot of capital expenditure, which will be a huge burden on the taxpayers. A recent look at the current government’s fiscal responsibilities shows that the government has a difficult time in balancing the budget, which makes it hard for governments to make new faith-based schools in each city within the province of Ontario. The money to pay for this increased cost of building new infrastructures comes from the Income Tax, which is an important source of revenue for the government to provide services. Unfortunately, some of taxpayers elect to pay their school taxes to a certain faith. Some of these people don’t have any kid or if they do have children they send their children to a private schools. Also there are people that are nonreligious and have no beliefs in any religion and therefore do not wish to be faced with another division within the society. These groups have the rights to say, “Why we have to pay taxes to support a system of education that does not support integration” or “Why should my tax money subsidize the private schools.” It’s really hard to build new schools in all cities within the province of Ontario because that needs time and enormous amount of money. Basically, to build each new school the government has to spend almost close to 35 million dollars. So, if the provincial government wants to build over 300 new schools, it would costs over several billions of dollars. Instead they could make or rebuild public schools into big and modern facilities that will be of benefit to all citizens irrespective of their faith with half or even lesser than that enormous money.Changing the educational system needs time to sit well with the society and look ordinary to students and teachers. Each faith-based school needs an array of teachers and support staffs from that religion or culture. The majority of certified teachers within the province are of Christian faith of Catholic denomination. Therefore, they cannot teach in the other faith based schools such as Muslim, Jewish and Hindu schools. Actually, they...

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