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Faith In Religion Solves Hansel & Gretel's Problem.

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Mini-OutlineThesis: When hard times are present, God is the only being that will give a person hope.Question: How is God represented as a helper along a voyage?T.S 1: In order for a person to feel the need to ask for help to a higher being comes from desperate moments a person's life.T.S. 2: Because of the state of desolation that a person puts themselves in, they start on a life changing voyage that will be helped by a god-like figure represented in many ways.T.S. 3: After they have been guided through life, the feeling of comfort is when knowing that they voyage is over and god is the only way that would encourage the human race to move on.Concluding Idea:The OutlineThesis: When the going gets tough, a god-like figure will be the being that will bring hope.Question: How is God represented as a helper in this children's folklore?T.S. 1: When times are desperate, the first thing that a person would do is to first ask for help and guidance to the god-like figure.STS 1: Desperate moments like the one that the family of Hansel & Gretel experience is a perfect example.The way the family experiences hunger and cannot be keeping themselves on their toes is when they might start to use irrational thinking.The step-mother decides to leave their children alone at the forest makes them think fast at hard moments like this.STS 2: Once the hardships are seen, this god-like figure will be appearing in the person's life because of the situation they are in.Hansel tells Gretel about the plan their mom is going to layout the next morning but tells Gretel not to worry.Hansel goes out into the night- also a sign of death, dreams, sleep and deceit- but then the moon is shown.Moon- symbol of man's destiny after death, as well as periodical change and renewal, growth, and it reflects the light of the sun.The light of the sun is the right against the wrong, the truth not the false, so the moon is a symbol of god, which shines down to reveal all truth and wisdom.Hansel gets the idea of gathering silver pebbles, which reflect the color of the moon.T.S 2: Because of the situation people are putting themselves in, a life-long voyage will start with god-like figures guiding their way.STS 1: When human beings are purposely put into bad times, a voyage that will change their lives will occur.Hansel and Gretel have been...

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3298 words - 13 pages marginalise Gretel and this makes her just as important as him. Throughout the entire film Gretel's legs or breasts aren't emphasised as often in comparison to the other female characters in the film. Gretel is kept quite covered up in this film taking away her femininity and giving her more masculinity.Whether it is the fairy tale or the remake of Hansel and Gretel this story challenges the traditional gender representation of males and females.

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