Faith In The Personal Recollections Of Joan Of Arc

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In life, empty, forsaken, lonely people in dire need of help put their faith toward God or a significant individual. A current example includes the 10 year old boy released by his kidnapper after singing a gospel song for hours. In Mark Twain’s The Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, Joan Arc, a teenage French military commander shows faith whenever she goes to battle or is about to face death. Eventually she gets captured and even though she will die she continues to keep her faith in God. By showing the effects of faith on Joan of Arc and her comrades, Mark Twain illustrates his belief that the value of an intense personal faith is important in everyone’s life.
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Twain shows that the soldiers have personal faith within themselves, and together they have boosted each other’s morale despite their setbacks. He portrays the faith as the thing that is holding the French army from victory and defeat. Twain uses the people again to demonstrate their faith toward an individual, “…they implored him to trust in her, believe in her, and have faith that she was sent to save France” (131). The soldiers trusted Joan of Arc and persuaded the King to have faith in her too. They gave Joan their faith, which allowed them to have someone to trust, it also boosted their morale.
Twain shows again the importance of faith when Joan of Arc is being prosecuted by the English. English Judges use the rituals of the Church in an attempt to break Joan. They want Joan of Arc to confess to treachery, they tell her the church is going to abandon her, causing her to be alone. Joan of Arc doesn’t mind them because she was, “steadfast always, true to her faith and her ideals; defying torture, defying the stake, and answering threats of eternal death… with a simple ‘Let come what may, here I take my stand and will abide’”(389). Twain...

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