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Faith, Mans Greatest Power. Essay

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Faith, Man's Greatest Power. 1

¨The essence of all religions is one. Only their approaches are different.¨ (Mohandas Ghandi). The thought of religion has been used in many ways, with negative and positive influences. Religion is a set of beliefs, with different cultures celebrated by millions of people. It's used to speak the supernatural, and explain the purpose of life. There are thousands of religions out in the world, along with new ones being created. With Christianity and Islam having the most followers, they are the dominant religions in the world. There have been wars and countless debate on is there a true religion.
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4) Moshea- enlightenment.
Buddhism, another one of the world’s oldest religions, is a religion of many beliefs and differences. Buddhism consists of Atheistic and Theistic views about a deity, which constantly changes over the years. Buddhism is a religion based on spiritual values, allowing a place of enlightenment after reincarnations take place, with the relief from stress and pain in one’s life. It became an official religion which changed millions of people using the advice given from Buddha, the enlightened one. His beliefs were that life has suffering, and your purpose in life is to end the suffering to find a phase of nirvana, or peace, that eliminates all stress. He was nicknamed the “The Enlightened One” after he relieved stress from people who had bad times. He said numerous things about the four noble truths, leading to the eightfold path, consisting of many purposes of enlightenment, to help escape suffering. 1) Right knowledge- the knowledge that’s most important in one’s life. 2) Right intention- the true reason of doing something. 3) Right speech. 4) Right action. 5) Right likelihood. 6) Right effort. 7) Right mindfulness. 8) One of the most important, the right concentration. Buddhism teaches people to value life, and to detach from suffering, and to learn about the vastness of the universe. The thought of a deity in Buddhism is absent, due to Buddha believing that a deity caused suffering and stress, although it isn’t an Atheistic religion. The three main people who have the highest authority in Buddhism are the Buddha, the Dalai Lama, and the Sangha, who teach that we were not created by deity or ruler, but by life itself. To understand life, buddhist concentrate through meditation to grow a strong mindset.
Judaism, the oldest monotheistic religion out of the major three, has a very broad term of beliefs. The holy scripture of Judaism is used in the other two monotheistic religions, as the Old Testament in Christianity, and the majority of the Quran in Islam. The thought of a deity is omnipresent in Judaism, which they believe he is the creator of the universe. The Messiah, or the Savior, is a very debated question in the religion, which the belief of Jesus of Nazareth, the creator of Christianity, is said to have not been the Messiah, as a false prophet, and still wait for the Messiah to appear. Judaism shares many beliefs with the other two monotheistic religions, but has credit for the creation of the other two.
Having the most followers, Christianity is the dominant religion in the world, with over two billion followers. The religion consists of the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth, and the old testament and new testament beliefs. The main thing in Christianity is the belief that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah, or the son of god, through the miracles he made, baptisms, and his teachings to the...

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