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Faith Of Our Fathers Review Of Recording

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I went to the mall looking for a DVD. I found none that I could use. I then looked for VHS tapes. I found nothing. The essential part of this assignment was to find a live performance to view. The hard part of it was to find a tape of something relating to this class. I originally wanted to listen or watch a performance on a Beethoven piece. There are no live performances anywhere in the mall. I was probably looking in the wrong place. After an exhausting search I settled on a VHS recording entitled "Faith of Our Fathers. Classic Anthems of Ireland." It was recorded live at The Point Theatre in Dublin, Ireland in 1997. It features performances by Frank Patterson, Ireland's renowned international tenor, soprano Regina Nathan, herself an international award winner and the Irish Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus, Larla O'Lionaird, Ros Ni Dhubhain, Tommy Keane, RTE' Cor na nOg, and The Irish Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus. There was also a traditional chant by The Monks of Glenstal Abbey. This is why I selected the tape. Enigma Video Ltd. produces the video.When I first started to watch the video, I could not help but notice how beautiful The Point Theatre appeared. The video box describes that the video was lavishly shot. The lighting of the stage was impeccable. Giving the performance an air of elegance. Considering that the Theatre was once a train depot that was built in 1878. It appeared also to be a sold out performance, as there did not seem to be an empty seat in the theatre. The setup of the stage was impressive. In the back section was a full chorus, in the middle section of the stage sat a full orchestra, and up front they even had a full children's choir. The male performers were dressed in tuxedos and the female performers in expensive gowns. Indicating that this was indeed a special event.The beginning of the video opens with an archival black and white film, moves into the Point Theatre where the Irish Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus offer the revered hymn 'Holy God, We Praise Thy Name'. Tenor Frank Patterson joins them to sing 'Hail Redeemer, King Divine' and 'Hail Glorious Saint Patrick', with solo performances of 'Queen of the May' and 'Lead Kindly Light'. Regina Nathan applies her pure soprano voice to several hymns, including 'Sweet Heart of Jesus', 'Sweet Sacrament Divine' 'Hail Queen of Heaven' and the 'Ave Maria' which she sings with young soprano Ros Ni Dhubhain.I was a little disappointed to find that the Monks of Glenstal Abbey do not actually appear in the video. The video does however play two chants during the performance. During one point of the performance, a chant is echoing throughout the theatre while neat light show lights up...

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